Biocera Far Infrared

Biocera Far Infrared Agent

If the visible light spectrum from the sun is good for bones, the invisible wavelength like the far infrared ray does even more wonders to the human body. These infrared rays of a specific wavelength are useful to power the human body and aid in different biological functions. Biocera SB powder ceramics are the raw material from which these special wavelengths FIR are emitted that can aid in good physical and mental health.

Among the benefits of far infrared radiation, the most appreciable one is the ability to heal muscle inflammation, aches and sprains. Secondly, they are highly potent even in room temperature. The heating effect of these radiations cures body aches and can even fight disastrous diseases like cancer. These radiations promote a good amount of blood circulation that in turn energizes the body from within and spreads a spurt of positivity inside. Another fact is that they can make food tastier and also help to preserve the freshness of food and remove bad smell. In industrial application, these infrared radiations can help to remove the poisonous material from heavy metals. Biocera SB is a ceramic material, available as a powder, master batch, etc., that can be applied over textiles, cosmetics, kitchen plastic, paints, wall decors, beds, heaters, stoves, water tanks, etc from where they can endlessly radiate Infrared radiation continuously to benefit the inmates of the house. All one has to remember while using our products is to apply the powder to a surface and give its time for strengthening. The powder needs to be mixed well before final usage. The infrared radiation that is good for health is generated with natural minerals like Apatite, Silicon dioxide, Aluminum trioxide, Titanium dioxide, zeolite, etc. Biocera SB has been tested and approved for public usage.  Keep away from diseases and enjoy the warmth of far infrared radiation with the Biocera SB powder.

Measurement of Far Infrared Ray Thermotherapy



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Copyright © 2019 Biocera Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved