Biocera Nano Silver Solution

Unlike an organic antimicrobial agent, Biocera NS is stabilized under high temperatures and does not vaporize or release tolerant materials, allowing it to maintain its antibacterial effect for a long time. Biocera Antimicrobial, as a non-discharge material, doesn't make any tolerance because it sterilizes bacteria or virus by OH radical and active oxygen (=free radical) when contact with them. Antibacterial processing is essential for human health. Antimicrobial processing in the following fields-household, hygienic, and textile goods, electrical appliances, and construction materials such as paint, packages-increases product quality by meeting customers' needs to health, cleanliness, and freshness.

Biocera Antimicrobial Nano Silver Liquid Type +

Nano silver is a nano-particle (one billionth of a meter) level of pure silver. Biocera nano silver is a liquid that combines the antimicrobial function of silver with "Nano Poly Technology", polymer synthesis and processing technology. It is a type of nano silver material. Biocera nano silver is a 5nm silver ultra-fine particle that has excellent antibacterial activity and antibacterial persistence by preventing direct action on harmful bacteria and interfering with the electron transport system of harmful bacteria and has the advantage of not being resistant to bacteria.

Biocera NS Features

- Harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly

- It has excellent antibacterial power (99.9%) and has antiseptic and anti-fungal functions.

- Excellent antibacterial persistence

- No resistance to bacteria


Biocera nano silver is a liquid type nano silver material that combines nano poly technology, which is a polymer synthesis and processing technology, and antibacterial function of silver.

- Harmless to the human body and eco-friendly 

- Excellent antibacterial ability (over 99.9%), sterilization, and antifungal

Usage: Ceramic coating agent, textile, air filter, hygiene products, and building materials

Why Antimicrobial Treatment is Required

The primary threat of human extinction is a viral infection. Everything that comes in contact with our body should be free of harmful bacteria and viruses. That is why Biocera will be an exceptional resource in helping current and future generations maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Biocera Antimicrobial Nano Silver Mechanism +

  • Sterilization by active oxygen of ceramic.
  • Sterilization by nano-Ag ions.
  • Adsorption of bacteria, organic matter, and gas

Biocera Antimicrobial Nano Silver Series +

Silver (Ag) ion is a material known to sterilize about 650 kinds of harmful microbes by repressing their metabolic functions. Nano is a very small particles size 10-9(1㎛) and has the thickness of 1/100,000 of our hair. Nano Silver (NS) is special to be processed as small as nanoparticle size with normal Ag to have antimicrobial and sterilizing functions by using the technology to form and synthesize nanoparticles in various solvents. Biocera NS Series is the solution to be combined with "Nano Poly Technology" of the highly polymerized compound and its processing technology and “Antimicrobial function of Ag."

Application Field


Inhibition of microorganisms in contact with the surface without electricity charges and prevention of food poisoning

Biocera nano silver solution applied to refrigerator

Air Purification Filter

Persistence of antimicrobial bacteria that do not develop resistance to bacteria

Biocera nano silver solution applied to residential air purifiers


Excellent non-toxic antibacterial function/stable for a long time at high temperature


Biocera nano silver antimicrobial solution applied to textile and chlothings

Food container

Perfect bactericidal power of 99.9% bacteria reduction

Biocera nano silver applied to plastic food containers

Application Case

Car Interior
Biocera nano silver application for car interior
Mouse Cover
Biocera nano silver application for computer plastic accessories

Artificial Marble
Biocera nano silver application for artificial marble
Specialty Paper
Biocera nano silver application for color antibacterial papers

Cart Handle
Biocera nano silver application for cart handle where many people touches
Antimicrobial Rubber Gloves
Biocera nano silver application for rubber gloves

Washing Machine
Biocera nano silver application for washing machine surface
BPA Bottle
Biocera nano silver application for surface coating of BPA bottles

Vacuum Flask
Biocera nano silver application for vaccum flask
Air Purifier
Biocera nano silver application for air purifier


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