Why Choose Biocera as your Partner?

Since its establishment in 1994, Biocera Co., Ltd. has been proud of our technologies on functional ceramics in air, water, and microorganism. Biocera pursues to provide the best healthy water-related products to meet our customer's needs.  Biocera is capable of manufacturing bioceramic antibacterial, far infrared, and photocatalyst coating agents; water activated ceramic balls and its application products for antioxidant hydrogen alkaline water filtration apparatus purposes. Biocera strives for the health and happiness of our customers through competitive research on bioceramics, technology transfer, and joint investments.

Why Choose Biocera as Your Partner?

The World Leader in Alkaline Hydrogen Natural Water Solution Provider, Biocera!

Since its establishment in 1994, Biocera has been doing business with global companies in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Russia for more than 20 years. Every year Biocera participates at the WQA and Aquatech exhibitions, and many water experts from various                                                          

, many water experts from various countries came to our Biocera booth knowing the value of Biocera: natural minerals, alkaline hydrogen, and antioxidants. Presently rivers, groundwater, and the ocean are being polluted due to the increase in population and industrial development which has become a serious worldwide crisis. Due to the consequences, reverse osmosis water purification systems are used popularly for reversing water purification for the drinkable state. Reverse osmosis treatments are effective for removing hazardous bacteria, germs, viruses, and heavy metals in the water content, however, the treatment eliminated minerals and turned the water into acidic. This genuine procedure causes a problem for pH balance in the body which alkaline balance is important for functioning our body healthy. Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline water filters can secure these problems by adding minerals to water and increasing the pH in water. Bioceramic mineral crystals inside Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline water filters create the acidic demineralized water content into pH-balanced longevity spring water, generates the living-giving water with auto therapy, increased oxygen concentration, far-infrared radiation, abundant antioxidant hydrogen concentration, and more. The water passed through Biocera A.A. (Antioxidant Alkaline) water filters resembles just like longevity miracle spring water in Tibet, China, and Lourdes in France. Biocera eagerly struggles to pursue the ideal momentum of producing healthy longevity spring-like water to our worldwide customers.

The reverse osmosis purification system uses higher pressure than osmotic purification system through the reverse osmosis membrane filter. The reverse osmosis membrane filter has fine holes that size 0.0001 micrometer (㎛) which is one-millionth of the human air the size of human hair. The contaminated water with heavy metals, viruses, and microorganisms are removed but being too clean can be a problem. Experts point out the optimum water has no pollutants with essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. The reverse osmosis water purification system filters harmful substances including bacteria and chemical substances as well as completely removes necessary minerals that are beneficial for the human body.

The minerals in the water help body protection functions and can be absorbed better than ingesting as foods. The World Health Organization said drinking water should contain the minimum level of essential minerals, based on the results of various epidemiological studies.

The human blood is weakly alkaline. If one drink lots of acidic water, the blood will overload the lungs, kidneys, and cell activity in order to maintain normal body alkalinity. During the process, dehydration occurs and blood health becomes worse. There are numerous studies that suggest that acidification of blood cannot only lead to poor oxygen supply through the blood, but may also contribute to cancer, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and kidney disease.

Drinking water every day is important

Do you know that the body's lack of water promotes obesity and aging? Do you feel chronic fatigue and stress? If so, you may be working too hard, but the lack of drinking water may be the cause. If your body suffers dehydration it may lead to chronic dehydration in the worst case, and this can lead to obesity, skin aging, chronic stress and fatigue It may cause. Many people are consuming less water than the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends. Normally, a normal adult man will drain 1.5 liters of water with urine, 0.5 liters with breathing, and 0.5 liters with sweat to give a total of 2.5 liters of water. It is important to consume enough water to replenish the drained water. People are trying to make it known at this very moment that the lack of water has a serious effect on the human body and that they have a habit of drinking water frequently because they do not feel directly except thirst.

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NOTICE: Safety Installation Method of BIOCERA A.A Filter 

For maximum benefit, please read the instruction manual through carefully before installation and use.


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