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Breathing is one of the most important things to do besides drinking water. But people are unfamiliar with gaseous toxic compounds which are called volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOC is not common to hear, however, these air pollutants can be very harmful to human health and the environment, a serious concern. Biocera photocatalyst air purifier filters remove odors, VOC, and improves the quality of the indoor air freshness. They can be custom-made to suit your own requirements, applied to the air conditioner, air purifiers, and more.

Biocera Photocatalyst Agent for Air Purification +

Living healthy is not about eating nutrients, drinking pure water, or doing exercises. Improving hygiene is a great way to maintain healthy by taking showers every day, keep our clothes clean and avoid dirty places from germs. Biocera photocatalyst removes odors from the house. Moreover eliminates harmful bacteria and microorganisms. In addition to our antibacterial agents, this antibacterial air filter helps to prevent bacteria from coming in contact with any items that are used in the household. Our photocatalytic air purifier’s main job is to remove the bad odor from the room and improve the atmosphere of the house. These portable ionizer air purifiers can be used in air conditioners and air purifiers that come with a soft and mild fragrance that eliminates bad smell from the house. Our Biocera nano photocatalyst filter converts the ambivalent atmosphere neat, pure, and smells nice. These antibacterial filters are made out of carbon Urethane and are available in different sizes ranging from 3mm, 5mm to 10 mm with PPI around 30, 35 and 45. Biocera photocatalyst air filter can be custom fit to suit requirements and their deodorization sustainability is brilliant in comparison to their competitors. Plenty of antibacterial tests like shake flask tests were conducted on our filters and ours has emerged victorious in containing staphylococcus bacteria from attacking the household for more than 2 hours at a stretch. The Tio2 photocatalyst filter’s effect doesn’t fade away in sunlight and the fragrance is light but effective. Overall Biocera filters keep the air purifier and Ac's in good health and also makes the room smell immensely nice. Biocera photocatalyst filters are FDA approved and ecologically safe.

Biocera Air Control Solution +

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