Biocera π(Pi) 

Energy-Water Story

Manufacturing and its Application to Various Antioxidant Alkaline Water for Health, Beauty, and Water Industry Applications.

"I remembered that I used to float and drink clear streams flowing through my hands. About 50-60 years ago I was a playground where rivers, rice fields, fields, mountains, sky, and nature were all playgrounds. The flowing streams of white tea stones (Silica) and the various colors and stones of various shapes collide with each other, and the splash of water is scattered. Transparent clear water. I've played with flutes and flutes that live only in the first class." 

(Dr. Jeon)

Silica causes fine vibration when given constant electricity and pressure. Silica is an important material used in electronics, and it is used in semiconductors, solar cells, LEDs, cars, and airplanes. The flowing stream has dark ordinary stones with slippery water moss, but the white brisket, which contains a lot of silica, hides science that does not contain water moss. The reason why the water molecules are known to be effective in preventing dementia because of its silica semiconductor properties. It is because of the silica which is known to be effective in preventing semiconductor properties and dementia that activates the mole molecules by vibrating minutely in a stream flowing with solid white brisket.

Silica in drinking water prevents dementia

Garnets are used in industrial water treatment also improves water taste by removing adsorption and activating water molecules. Glamorous jewelry tourmaline in various colors that frequently change with extremely small amounts of minerals is a piezoelectric property used in home appliances due to electricity generation and continuously maximizes the mysterious taste with garnet + silica activated synergies. Minerals help improve immunity. Biocera PW Ball is made through a special crystallization process with minerals.

Mineral in water and immunity

Biocera PW balls also include Biocera TiO2, a semi-conductive material that activates electrons to remove germs and viruses and breaks down water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Biocera PW balls were also combined with silver ions and bioceramic apatite. The function of silver ions sterilizes about 600 kinds of germs, viruses, and microorganisms. Apatite is also a key ingredient in adsorbing biological teeth, removing fluoride and heavy metals and releasing far-infrared rays. All of these materials were strictly selected for electromagnetic noise sequencing materials such as insulators, genomes, ferrites, just as ancient ancestors used them as raw materials for ceramics about 1,000 years ago.

Antibacterial test

In the mid-1980s, research on the pi-water system was conducted due to the request of a Japanese buyer based on ruby sapphire Crystal Growth Technology. Research has been undertaken for various useful purposes, including research on the pie water system where freshwater and sea meat can live together; research on water saving and growth promotion when growing vegetables; and research on the removal of odors and the promotion of meat quality in livestock breeding.

Dr. Jeon Crystal Growth Technology

Since the mid-1990s, it has been used as an area conducive to health and immunity through eco-friendly Earth-saving campaigns.

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NOTICE: Safety Installation Method of BIOCERA A.A Filter 

For maximum benefit, please read the instruction manual through carefully before installation and use.

Safety certification for drinking water apparatus Biocera ball NSF certification

Biocera ball manufacturing technology registered in the United States

Product liability insurance with service mind for global customers

Biocera has been participating in International Seminars and Water Exhibitions in Alkaline Hydrogen Functional Water Industry

Dr.JEON India Seminar (Video)

Alkaline Antioxidant Water Interview (Video)

"We must pay respect to Water, and feel love and gratitude, and receive vibrations with a positive attitude. Then, water changes, you change, and I change. Because both you and I are water."

 - Dr.  Jeon (Founder of the Biocera)

Biocera has been participating in international seminars and water exhibitions in alkaline hydrogen functional water industries

DR. JEON India Seminar

Antioxidant Alkaline Water Interview