Research Personnel


Research Director / Water Specialist

Language: Korean, English


  • Current) Research Director of Biocera
  • Former) Head of the Advanced R&D Part of LG Electronics Healthcare Business Division
  • Former) Sensor Development Group Leader, LG Electronics Technology Institute


  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Korea University


  • A Study on the Development of ZnO Semiconductor Gas Sensor for High Sensitivity CO Gas Detection (Master’s)
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Electronic Nose System with Gas Sensor Array and Pattern Recognition Techniques (Ph.D.)

Main Research Achievements

  • Development of functional materials and improvement of quality
  • Development of core technologies related to water purifiers
  • Development of Application Sensors/Core Devices for Home Appliances

Main Research Areas

Development of functional materials/filters and improvement of quality (2023.1~present)

  • Scale inhibitors, hardness remover, and water taste improvement materials
    A High-Concentration Hydrogen Water Filter and a Coffee Taste Improvement Filter

Development of core technology related to water purifiers project manager (2009.3~2022.3)

  • Development of an Under-Sink Water Purifier
  • Water purifier water taste/water smell improvement and water taste index development (Seoul National University Joint Development)
  • Verification of effectiveness and safety of functional water (sterilized water, ionized water, etc.) through a number of industry-academic/service tasks (YONSEI University, KCL, KTR, etc.)
  • Sterilization kit & sterilization process inside water purifier
  • Capacitive Hardness Removal Filter (CDI) for the application of Indian-scented water purifiers
  • High recovery rate storage RO system for the application of Indian-facing water purifiers (recovery rate of more than 75% is possible)

Various sensor/core device development project manager (1991.1~2009.3)

  • Development of humidity sensors and application of products that can be used in high-temperature environments for the application of home appliances (microwave, dryer, etc.)
  • Development of electronic noses and determination of soybean paste ripening (joint study by Professor Noh Bong-soo of Seoul Women's University), application studies on urban gas leakage detectors, air quality monitoring and marking, automobile exhaust gas detectors, etc
  • Development and Application of Pt Coated Carbon Filter for Air Purifier Odor Removal
  • Development and Application of Ion Generators (Nano Carbon Fiber) for Air Purifiers

Future Research Areas

  • Development of functional materials and improvement of quality
  • Development of core technologies related to water purifiers

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