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Director / CEO

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  • Current CEO of Biocera Co., Ltd.
  • Current Director, Daesung Ceramic Research Center, Biocera Co., Ltd.
  • Current Research Professor of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Parts, Woosuk University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation
  • Former Researcher of Ceramic Technology Institute (Development of bio-biobacterial agent for the first time in Korea)


  • Ph.D. in Ceramic Inorganic Engineering


  • American Water Quality Association (WQA) Certified Water Specialist (CWS) certification
  • Served as a member of the National Institute of Technology and Standards in the field of antibacterial
  • Awarded the Minister of Environment Award
  • New Knowledge Patent Person Award
  • Industry-Academic Director, Korean Water Society


  • Sapphire single crystal growth by Verneuil method
  • Rutile (TiO2) single crystal growth by Verneuil method
  • Sapphire Ribbon single crystal growth by EFG method
  • Evaluation of Selectivity and Characteristics of β-SiC Thin Film Deposition according to Substrate-Mask Material
  • TiO2 synthesis and photocatalytic properties by solution method
  • Synthesis of TiO2 fine particles by emulsion method and light absorption characteristics.

Main Research Areas

1986 ~ 1992

  • Master of all ceramic processes from ceramic raw material combination, grinding, forming, drying, firing, processing, and production 
  • Research on electrical and electronic insulators, insulators, dielectrics, piezoelectric materials, resistance cases, porcelain, insulators and semiconductor ceramics
  • Research on wear-resistant alumina ceramics, high-temperature-resistant, thermal shock-resistant petalite, and thermally expansive cordierite structural ceramics

1986 ~ 1992

  • For the first time in Korea, joint research on various military ceramics such as bulletproof, missile defense, optical fiber, and zirconia ferrol with the best ceramic scientists in Korea and Japan 

1987 ~ 1992

  • Collaborative research on the growth of crystal crystals such as white sapphire, ruby, blue sapphire, rutile, and cubic zirconia with Soviet, French, and American scientists 


  • Korea’s first, antibacterial ceramic ball bead combination molding development and commercialization for water purification (Ceramic Technology Research Institute)


  • Established Daesung Ceramic Research Center


  • Acquired antibacterial hygiene marks SF as the first PLA-CERA antibacterial agent in Korea. Applied to Comex Industrial Bio water bottle plastic
  • Silver nano antibacterial agent applied to colored paper, crayons, pencils, paints, silicone, rubber gloves, etc.
  • Developed the first sol-gel photocatalyst titania in Korea. Commercialization of air purification filters and materials that remove indoor sick house syndrome


  • Developed the first laundry ball in Korea to wash without detergent with Piezo ceramic ball


  • Commercialization of Ato-Zero Happy Shower with RC chlorine-removing ceramic ball, the first in Korea


  • Daesung Ceramic Research Institute incorporated as BIOCERA Co., Ltd.
  • Contributing to the KS antibacterial test standard for BIOCERA Silver-Hydroxyapatite-based antibacterial agents as a member of the National Technical Standards Committee for Korea KS Standards

2001 ~ 2007

  • After the world's first commercialization of the first-generation alkali reduction simple water purifier jug, the second-generation commercialization of Biocera A.A water purification zerg with a German company
  • Antioxidant Alkaline Water BIOCERA A.A (Antioxidant Alkaline) Brand Planning


  • Exported Biocera A.A (Antioxidant Alkaline) water purifier filter for Southeast Asia, America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, etc.
  • The world's first, NSF International, the world's leading certification body for drinking water, passed the 2007 test with 8 BIOCERA BALL items. NSF International's NSF/ANSI 42 certification was obtained
  • Hydrogen fuel cell parts and applied technology regional innovation center at Woosuk University and hydrogen generation catalyst development


  • Presented a seminar on the topic of pH Increasing Alkaline Mineral Water Filter After Reverse Osmosis at the WQA exhibition in the U.S. for the first time in the world
  • Presentation of regular seminars and exhibitions related to hydrogen alkaline water such as WQA, Aquatech, and International Hydrogen Water Forum

Research Technology Projects by Water, Air, and Antibacterial fields

Water R&D Project

  • Hydrogen fuel cell parts and applied technology regional innovation center of Woosuk University and hydrogen generation catalyst development
  • Relationship between minerals and ceramic balls
  • Development of alkali and antioxidant water purification ceramic catalyst
  • Good water protects our body
  • Generating Hydrogen, Alkalizing and pH boosting by the Ceramic Ball Filter

Air R&D Project

  • Improvement of air quality in residential environment using nano ceramic coating agent
  • Development of eco-friendly bio-coating agent and VOCs reduction technology of building materials using it
  • Measurement result of indoor VOCs and HCHO emission according to the application of Biocera coating agent
  • Development of adsorption decomposition technology of inorganic composite material with VOCs removal function
  • Development of odor removal technology for automobile air conditioning equipment using optical semiconducting inorganic deodorant

Antibacterial R&D Project

  • Development of antibacterial packaging materials
  • As a member of the National Technical Standards Committee for Korea KS Standards, numerous inorganic antibacterial agents KS antibacterial test standards established


  • Life comes from water and goes to water
  • Our body wants antioxidant hydrogen alkali
  • Cure The Incurable
  • We Are Alkaline Water
  • Biocera Health Care News

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