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How to maintain a good lifestyle for colon health?

7 Jan 2020
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The number of colorectal cancer patients worldwide is increasing every year. Experts point out that anyone exposed to late evening meat meals, drinking, smoking, lack of exercise, or stress is exposed to colon cancer. The best time to defecate is right after breakfast. When you have breakfast, the stool that has accumulated in the colon moves to work, causing a need for bowel movements, after breakfast is the strongest. It is also helpful to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up to naturally induce defecation.

There are many people who have skipped meals recently. They starve breakfast, eat lunch and dinner excessively, and often eat midnight meals, which adversely affects colon health. The higher the calories you eat, the greater the incidence of colorectal cancer. In addition to drinking alcohol, irregular life habits continue to break the body. These habits increase the incidence of enteritis or ulcer-related diseases and increase the incidence of colorectal cancer. Stress also increases the incidence of colorectal cancer. Modern people try to relieve stress with alcohol or cigarettes, and high-calorie foods. Modern people call themselves a survival response to survive in a professional setting, but rather have a negative impact on their health.

For a healthy gut, eat a regular lifestyle and a balanced diet. When you leave work, sweating aerobic exercise is good, and it is also important to promote constipation to prevent constipation. According to a team of oncologists at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, steady exercise reduces the risk of developing lung cancer by 77% and reduces the risk of death from colorectal cancer by 89%. Exercise helps your food move through your digestive system. Drinking antioxidant alkaline water and pursuing a healthy lifestyle is also a good lifestyle for colon health.

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