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'Enhance Immunity' may be the Best Prevention of Coronavirus

26 Feb 2020
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Antioxidants were administered to mice carrying influenza, and Pryan-SOD with synthetic antioxidants showed a 95% survival rate. Mice with pneumonia produce a lot of free radicals, which is also associated with coronaviruses. People with pneumonia are also said to have more serious symptoms, as healthy free radicals are destroyed by the increase of free radicals in the body.

There is currently no treatment for coronavirus, the vaccine is also in preparation, and it is expected to take a year to complete the trial. In Korea, some cured patients are coming out. Experts speculate that it may be related to the autonomic nervous system and the immune system in the body. People with a healthy autonomic nervous system may temporarily lose their balance even when exposed to the virus, but due to the nature of the return to its original state due to hormesis, it is expected to regain health. However, people who are tamed by the worst irregular eating habits and lifestyles of modern people, the ability of the autonomic nervous system is lowered, the exposure to the virus, rather than the balance of health, the symptoms will worsen. The body's immune system helps to prevent the invasion of viruses and bacteria from the outside. However, in people with poor immunity, that is, in poor lifestyles and in poorly drinking water, immunity, in contrast to healthy people, is likely to be better at exposing the virus. Therefore, to protect your body, healthy eating, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and drinking water every day is good. Immunize yourself with a virus from the invasion of the virus by boosting immunity with Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline water, which includes the principle of natural spring water.

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