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BIOCERA SB POWDER / Warming Effect, Relivung Stress, Promoting Metabolism

13 Jun 2022
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BIOCERA SB POWDER is a far-infrared emitter. The heat action of far-infrared rays helps to get rid of bacteria that cause various diseases, and it also helps blood circulation by expanding capillaries. Additives with excellent heat stability, light stability, wide application range, and long-lasting effect can be applied to plastics, paints, textiles, matrix and home appliances.

Far-infrared Efficacy on Human Body


Enhance Metabolism

As it enhances and vitalizes blood circulation and metabolism, it is helpful for skin care and preventing and healing adult diseases such as headache, lumbago, neuralgia, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. and also helpful for enhancing immune system.


Deodorization Effect

It deodorizes through dissolving such odor causing substances like sweat, protein, fat, etc.


Heavy Metal Discharging Effect

By discharging heavy metals accumulated in human body, it induces sound sleep, recovery from fatigue, relieve stress, etc.


Body Temperature Maintaining Effect

As it maintains optimum body temperature, it is helpful for health promotion.


Resonance Action

Through vibrating molecules and atoms in cell, it helps to discharge harmful material s in human body and so helps to prevent from aging and to promote physical strength of body.


What is the Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R Energy)


All living organisms are subjected to the natural electromagnetic radiation reaching the earth from the sun. Far Infrared Ray(FIR) is a kind of invisible sunlight and also a kind of electromagnetic wave. Sunlight is classified into visible light and invisible light and infrared is classified into invisible light and it is also sub-classified into near-infrared, middle-infrared and far-infrared. This far-infrared is a useful light for the human body that has a long wavelength of 0.75㎛ ~ 1000㎛, and it enhances vital activity, it is essential for health promotion.


Also, far-infrared travels at space the same speed as light and when absorbed by any substance, it is converted into thermal energy. When it turns to heat energy, it heats up the substance and it has several characteristics such as partial heat up, even heat up and reduce heat up time, energy-saving, helping the growth of life.

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