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Dr. JEON selected as WQA Member Appreciation Month, November

29 Nov 2022
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Congratulations. The current CEO and founder of Biocera, Dr. JEON Hyoung-Tag was selected for WQA member appreciation month, November today. WQA selects their members every month as an appreciation and posts monthly on their Facebook page. Dr. JEON Hyoung-Tag holds WQA CWS (Certified Water Specialist) certification and is working hard through research and development so that consumers can enjoy healthy alkaline hydrogen water.

Creating a healthy planet with Biocera helps humanity live healthier at every stage. This is considered the goal and essential condition for achieving Biocera's mission. To fulfill this, Biocera continuously develops technology that can elute hydrogen-alkaline water in a more eco-friendly and efficient way. Please cheer for the growth of Biocera. 

Learn more at wqa.org/MemberAppreciation 


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