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Are you magnesium deficient?

23 Aug 2021
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Are you always feeling psychologically tired, anxious, or depressed by stress, or are you having a day of sleepless sleep? Are you having a hard time with diabetes, osteoporosis, and kidney stones?

The minerals that act like fire are important for the electrical energy of the human body, that is, firepower. Among the beneficial minerals, magnesium is especially important, and magnesium deficiency is directly linked to neurological problems and stress. Nowadays, COVID19 is low in the frequency of going out, and even if you eat well indoors, your body is always tired and anxious. Failure to sleep well can sometimes cause trembling eyes or cramps in the legs; this is a magnesium deficiency symptom, a signal from the body. Even if not, the time spent indoors due to corona increases, and the frequency of stress increases. At this time, magnesium consumption increases rapidly, resulting in magnesium deficiency every day in the body. If you lack the antistress agent magnesium, which is a tranquilizer, your nerves become sensitive, you may suffer from frequent anxiety and depression, and your body may always be tired and suffer from sleeplessness.

If magnesium, a fire-sweeping gain that breaks down food into glucose, is lacking in glucose, which is an energy source, and the body is tired. No matter how much calcium is consumed, if magnesium is lacking in the body, calcium can not dissolve in the blood, and bone formation is not good. Magnesium deficiency can only increase calcium in cells, which can lead to osteoporosis, kidney stones, and headaches. Another magnesium deficiency symptom causes glucose in the blood to increase and diabetes occurs.

Just as fish breathe in water every minute, we also need to take a certain amount of water and necessary nutrients every day so that we can absorb beneficial minerals into our bodies. Biocera A.A Water offers healthy, soft water, including magnesium and even homeostasis hydrogen. Use reverse osmosis water purifiers in drinking water supplied to homes, offices, or schools to clean up dissolved residual chlorine, heavy metals, and organic matter to create clean water, and enjoy beneficial mineral water through Biocera A.A filter. For a family of 1 or 2 people, you can enjoy soft water through Biocera A.A Jug. For outings, enjoy mineral-rich water from time to time through the portable Biocera A.H.A Water bottle.

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