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How effective Biocera RC Balls removes(eliminate/filters) Chlorine

11 Nov 2020
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Why Biocera Commercial Water Filters will benefit the Agricultural Industry

             The human body is made up of 60% water. Every one of our cells, organs, and tissues use water to help maintain our daily bodily functions. As we require water to live, the type of water we take into our body is also essential to living a healthy life. But not all water is healthy for us.

             Today, the water that comes to your home and workplace is treated with chlorine. Chlorine’s chemical symbol is denoted as CL. Sitting between fluorine and bromine in the periodic table, it is an extremely reactive element and a potent oxidizing agent. It is mainly used in the water supply as a disinfectant; however, the chlorine and organic matter in the water results in a chemical reaction that leaves a byproduct called trihalomethanes (THMs). Absorption of THM occurs as a result of exposure to tap water treated with chlorine. Recent studies have shown a clear link between THM concentrations in the blood with negative health effects such as cancer and reproductive problems.

             The Biocera RC Ball is one of eight technologically engineered ceramic balls used in Biocera water and showerhead filters. The Biocera RC Ball utilizes Calcium ion minerals to effectively remove chlorine. Tap water filtered through the Biocera RC Ball will help against the production of THM caused by chlorine-treated water. Use the Biocera RC ball present in many Biocera products to live a healthy life.

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