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What Water is the Best of Drinking?

1 Jun 2020
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Although everyone is working hard to find ways to improve their health, however some people are getting inadequate fluids. Many claims to drink a lot of better water, but there is no controversy over which water to drink. There is a lot of water varieties in the market, and it's up to us to decide whether we can believe it or not. Recently, the world is in a state of emergency due to coronavirus(COVID-19). All face a variety of problems despite continued efforts such as hygiene safety management, social distance, regular eating habits, and more. So it may concern not to cause the immune system to deteriorate. Nevertheless, constant awareness and information are needed for steadily drinking water. People in developed countries, compared to developing countries, think they can get safe drinking water, but they may not be satisfied with the water they receive through water pipes. Which is the best choice?

Water that is often encountered at home is tap water. We can access the tap from the kitchen sink or bathroom or yard. However, the quality of tap water often varies greatly depending on where you live. In general, tap water is passed through a water treatment facility operated by the country. It is important how the water treatment facility handles it, but the life of the pipe supplied to the home is also very important. Then you might think, tap water at home may be like drinking water, or it may be unhealthy. Minerals can be found in tap water, such as manganese, iron, copper, and zinc. Although the values may vary from region to region, there are limited methods to measure the degree of contamination of tap water at home. The higher the number, the more problematic it is, but the number allowed in each country is also different. In addition, chlorine content may be high in the process of water purification.

As a method to deal with this, the reverse osmosis water purifier is the most used water purification method at home. Reverse osmosis can effectively remove contaminants dissolved in water. However, since it also removes minerals necessary for the human body, drinking with reverse osmosis water alone is not recommended. The risk of malnutrition may be greater because there are no health-friendly minerals. It is recommended to install the Biocera alkaline mineral filter on the reverse osmosis water purifying climate.

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