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The Truth of Ceramic Beads

27 Oct 2020
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What water are you drinking? Is the water you are currently drinking safe? Water and safety are very important because water is directly connected to our bodies. In particular, it has become common practice to manage soil, air, and water due to environmental pollution. These days, as the coronavirus outbreak increases the consumption of people seeking immunity and safe products, many customers are looking for healthy water. Water is essential and contributes a lot to our health.

RO water is an excellent solvent that dissolves extract minerals including heavy metals from the general natural stones and ceramic beads. However, RO water is not suitable as drinking water because there are no dissolved minerals in the water. As you know nowadays, almost natural soil and stones are polluted with heavy metals. Especially in warm weather, minerals including heavy metals may release more which may increase TDS and pH level. So as higher alkaline water refers to more minerals and higher TDS. However, it may include toxic heavy metals such as lead, copper, aluminum, and chromium. 


BioCera ceramic beads are created based on single pure nano sol-gel hydrolysis crystal growing technology and do not extract heavy metals in water. Since inexpensive ceramic beads are manufactured using minerals obtained from nature as they are, heavy metals will not be eluted in the test at first, but as they are used gradually, heavy metals that can threaten the human body can be created. In particular, in warm weather, water may have high levels of heavy metals because of its high reactivity. Therefore, it is important to deal with NSF42 certified BioCera ceramic beads, which is equivalent to providing customers with safe water. That's why BioCera's ceramic beads in the world's water market are receiving love calls from the world's top water purifier companies for their excellent quality and safety.

Which product are you using? With safe BioCera products, enjoy the water with your family.

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