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Protect Ourselves from the Invaders

27 Feb 2020
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Selenium acts as an antioxidant to reduce the body's active oxygen. Active oxygen produced in the body due to the irregular lifestyle of modern people increases the incidence of aging and various diseases. When excess oxygen is produced in the body, it attacks healthy cells and breaks the balance of the body. It also reduces immunity and causes inflammation. For this reason, the body can easily get tired, aging quickly, and the immune system can be weakened, making it easier to expose viruses and germs. Some studies show that a lack of selenium in the body has a high incidence of coronavirus.

The recent coronavirus outbreak has caused many countries around the world to declare a state of emergency, causing people to be anxious. Especially, the situation is escalating, as coronavirus treatments have not been developed to this day Some people say that you need to focus your energy on your immune system to prevent coronavirus. And experts say that even if you're completely infected with the coronavirus, if you're having problems with your immune system, or if you get the virus back on the stock market, the coronavirus could recur. So what we can do now is take it as a regular lifestyle, healthy eating habits, and a positive mind so that we don't lose immunity, and reducing stress will also help boost immunity.

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