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What are different water filter solutions?

14 Oct 2020
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Water is vital for the existence of anything which possesses life. For a human, drinking impure or polluted water could cause a variety of water-borne diseases. Thus, it becomes important to have a water system that ensures good quality of water to keep the best of health. Given below are some of the different water filter solutions which could help you in experiencing the best of health: -

●     Activated carbon is one of the most common as well as an effective solution to get off the impurities in water. It works by forming chemical bonds with the contaminants and removing them from the water. Also, it improves the taste and odor of the water which passes to the system along with efficiently removing the chlorine from it.


●     Distillation is the next filtration process which is also one of the oldest water purification solutions. It employs heating of water at extremely high temperatures. The vapors formed due to heating are condensed back into the liquid form which is used for drinking purposes. The distillation is effective at removing microorganisms, harmful chemicals, and minerals. However, this process is found to be insufficient at eliminating chlorine and other types of chemicals that are volatile in nature.

●     Ion exchange technology is often used for making the water soft. It basically makes use of the resin which helps in replacing the harmful ions in the water with the other ions which are comparatively less harmful in nature. The ion exchange method is proficient at replacing minerals such as calcium and magnesium with sodium. However, if you are looking forward to making these filters stay for a longer time, then it is important to regularly check it and make sure that it is 'recharged' with less harmful ions. Alkaline Hydrogen Ionizers are gaining great importance in the last few years due to its incredible usefulness.

●     Reverse osmosis is a process in which water is made to move through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane helps to eliminate the larger contaminant molecules from water by stopping them to pass through it. This solution is found to be more effective than activated carbon, thus, it is being preferred over it increasingly.

●     If the intention is to get completely rid of sediments or cysts from the water, then the mechanical method could be an effective solution. These mechanical filters are equipped with small holes in it which are beneficial for removing contaminants. The mechanical filtration method is not that effective at removing many of the harmful contaminants, this is the reason that it is not useful alone. Rather, it is employed in combination with other filters in order to achieve a complete filtration.

When you are looking to installing a water filtration system, it becomes important to check what are the filters fitted in it. Also, make sure that you choose the best water filtration solutions provider so that you experience the purest form of water. Biocera is indeed an efficient brand that provides water filters equipped with brilliant, advanced technologies. An example of such technology is Alkaline Mineral Balls which helps in preserving the minerals in the water.

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