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What are the necessary actions for wellness?

20 Oct 2020
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Wellness is what you need to care about as much as working hard. Working hard is important but exhaustion, lack of sleep, and severe stress may potentially harm your health. In particular, the most sensitive reaction during the changing season is huge. People with allergic rhinitis usually need more attention because they tend to lose concentration due to symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and stuffy nose. For those who do not have time to care about their health due to extreme stress, it may be a wise decision to control their own condition. What are the necessary actions?

When you leave the house in the morning, you have to pay special attention. Use a facemask to avoid exposing your neck to cold winds. It's also a good idea to give your body time to adjust to your external body temperature. If you stay in a warm room and then go out to a cold place, you may be easily exposed to cold due to sudden temperature changes. Moreover wearing a facemask may prevent viruses that may be exposed to the outside. In recent years, as the number of patients continues to increase due to the corona crisis, wearing masks has become a common thing. When using a facemask, cover your nose and mouth, keep it close to your nose, and avoid touching the facemask. It is important not to reuse a disposable mask if you use it once when you go out and take it off after entering the room. BIOCERA antibacterial facemask has 99.9% antibacterial power by applying an antibacterial agent to fabric with special technology. You can breathe comfortably by absorbing moisture and sweat quickly. It has an excellent deodorizing function, so it is effective in removing bad breath and has excellent economic efficiency. Learn more about BIOCERA Facemask

Drinking warm water frequently may help rather than drinking caffeine-contained drinks. It is good to drink warm water frequently to keep the bronchial mucosa moist. When the mucous membranes of the bronchi become dry, the penetration of the virus becomes easier. Drinking plenty of warm water is helpful to keep the mucous membranes from drying out. Inhaling the steam that comes up when drinking hot drinks through your nose has the effect of moistening the nasal mucosa. Cough can be thought of as a signal that can detect abnormalities in our bodies. Sometimes coughing is the first sign of respiratory illness. This is because the elderly have unstable immune systems, are vulnerable to external stimuli or allergens, and cannot easily overcome immune-related diseases. Learn more about Biocera A.A water.

Respiratory diseases are more often transmitted through the hands of the virus than through air. Washing your hands well can prevent most bacterial infections. The surfactant of soap is hydrophilic, which likes water molecules. Washing hands with soap bubbles may wash away dead viruses away. Often, viruses are penetrated through to body by touching eyes, nose, or mouth with a hand while contact with coronavirus. Therefore, to prevent infectious diseases, you should always wash thoroughly with soap under running water. Learn about Biocera Hydrogen Soap.

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