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Uncertified Alkaline products could seriously impact customer health

11 Nov 2020
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Heavy metals are highly dense elements that exist throughout the environment, such as air and water. When exposed to humans, heavy metals can build up inside your body in a process called bioaccumulation. Trapped heavy metals in your body can cause significant damage over time.

 Common types of heavy metals include mercury, lead, aluminum, and arsenic. These heavy metals are known to be neurotoxins and have been linked to various diseases. Mercury poisoning attacks neural and cardiovascular systems. It can cause muscle and immune system failure. Symptoms include fatigue, loss of appetite, and changes in mood. Lead drains the calcium in your body. It can lead to a decline in cognition as well as insomnia. A build-up of aluminum has been associated with various neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s syndrome. Arsenic

Counterfeit or uncertified filter mediums may release these heavy metals into the water that it mineralizes. When materials inside filters are not carefully monitored while manufactured, it can be contaminated with small amounts of toxic heavy metals. Even when ingested in small quantities, the heavy metals will bioaccumulate and become harmful over time.

Biocera balls are NSF 42 safety certified. Biocera uses special crystal growing technology to ensure that the filter medium is free of any heavy metal contamination through thorough processes. Mineralize your water using Biocera filters without worrying about deadly heavy metals. It is why many water purifying companies choose and trust Biocera.

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