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What is Biocera A.H.A Salt?

21 Jul 2020
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Why is the Crystal of Saltwater, 

the Water of Life, a Hexagonal Structure?

Salar de Uyuni where saltwater is dried and most of

the salt crystals are divided into a hexagonal structure.

What is the Strongest House in the World?
The honeycomb structure is the strongest structure

among natural structures in the world.

The Two Essential for Life are Saltwater and Light Energy

The salt concentration of blood in the human body is 0.9% and the salt concentration of cells is the same. The salt concentration of 0.9% in the body helps metabolism smoothly and prevents acidification of the body. When we are sick, we go to the hospital and get a ringer, which also has a salt concentration of 0.9%, and human blood and amniotic fluid 0.9%. If the salt concentration in amniotic fluid is less than 0.9%, the fetus is born with a constitution that is congenital to bone or organ function. A person can stand for a period of time without food, but without water or salt, it cannot exist. Salt helps to release waste products from the body and helps to boost immunity. Salt also helps stomach acid secretion and helps digest food in the stomach. However, it is forbidden to eat foods high in salt.

If the salt concentration in the blood falls below 0.8%, we are exposed to hundreds of diseases. Metabolism is not smooth, and various toxins in the blood make it difficult to release toxins. In most people with the disease, salt concentrations of 0.8% or less are detected, even in cancer patients, up to 0.2%. The first thing the hospital supplies to patients is the Ringer's solution, which, like charging a cell phone lithium-ion battery, requires the supply of an electrolyte that is an alkali ion component of electrical energy in the human body.

Water, like salt, is an essential ingredient in keeping the body smooth. In addition, depending on what ingredients are included in the water, the value of its efficacy differs. Water has bio-energy and contains minerals. Dr. Jeon said that crystals of heavy metals, including lead, copper, aluminum, chromium, and arsenic, cause a variety of diseases because there are many loose and loose pentagonal structures, not hexagons with strong healthy structures such as calcium, sodium, and potassium. Therefore, he emphasized that the body should drink safe water free of heavy metals that adversely affect cancer, dementia, kidney disease, and nervous system in body fluid cells. As such, it is believed that salt, which is a mineral, has a great influence on health depending on what kind of crystal structure salt is eaten.

What is Biocera A.H.A Salt?

Most of the world is polluted by water pollution, air pollution, and soil pollution. Among them, water from water pollution is filled with factors that pose a threat to health, including foreign substances such as microplastics and bacteria. Biocera A.H.A Salt is a product that is rich in alkali minerals that have eliminated these harmful substances and are specially treated with natural solar salt at high temperatures like Biocera ceramic firing technology. Biocera A.H.A Salt is different from commercially available sun salt, topaz salt, Himalayan rock salt, etc., and is basically crystalline salt with rich antioxidant and rich minerals. Healthy human body fluid is strong structured water rich in hexagonal water with ORP as negative (-), so you can safely protect your body against all kinds of bacteria. Biocera A.H.A Salt is a special crystalline salt rich in alkali minerals that form a sturdy hexagonal structure made of healthy antioxidant -ORP like human body fluids. Biocera A.H.A Salt is an alkaline electrolyte energy salt that the human body needs, like a lithium-ion battery in a smartphone.

When the AHA salt, such as alkaline minerals sodium, calcium, and potassium, which is an antioxidant-ORP hexagonal crystal structure in the body fluid against the penetration of external gems, is insufficient, it can be easily exposed to infection by immunocompromising. Therefore, all living things on earth cannot be healthy without light and salt. Healthy safe Biocera A.H.A Salt.

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