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21 Aug 2020
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Isn't it because people's habit is the habit of simply telling the old habit, and when a new way or someone appears, it's just because the animal sense of rejection or alertness is inherent?

People cannot easily cure habits once they have been tamed. Just as each person has a different environment and the knowledge it carries, they also have bad habits based on socially tamed behavior. These habits are habits that have been around since the past, and when someone points out the behavior or suggests a change in a new way, they are wary. Of course, even if the behavior isn't a bad habit, it's also important how you accept it if you have to change it. I wonder if the instinctively expressing a sense of rejection is because of the intrinsic animal sense. The habit of drinking water is important. However, it is very important what water to choose. The water that many people drink frequently is what kind of water is healthy to drink, and which product is it wise to choose water? 

Since water has been drunk all the time, I don't look very closely at it, but since the recent coronavirus outbreak, interest in water is increasing rapidly. Due to the rapid change, many people are interested in the keywords of healthy water and safe water, so there is still a high degree of interest in whether it is really safe when drinking the water. Therefore, international accredited organizations such as WQA, EPA, NSF, FDA, and WHO have a method of checking safety in hundreds of items based on many research papers related to water. Among them, water has items such as pH, H+, OH-, TDS, Hardness, Alkaline, Acidic, ORP, Lead, Arsenic, Magnesium, Silica, Bacteria, and PFOS. A lot of effort is required to provide safer experiences and services to customers in a rapidly changing world. Moreover, it is wise to choose BioCera, the world's best safe and healthy water solution provider.


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