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Your body is drying up until now due to a lack of water.

8 Jul 2019
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Ask yourself a question. Think about whether you drink frequent water or drink more coffee or soda. Like a rice field on a hot sunny day, your body is drying up due to lack of water. Since, the water is a necessary element for all living things, without water we would not survive and the earth will dry up. By drinking water helps our body to function properly and plays a large role in discharging the waste accumulated in the body.

When I was a child, I used to experiment on behalf of my curiosity in my own creative space. Whenever I had any questions, I would likely to solve the problem in my own experimental way that I would somehow solve them. The habits from childhood made me in the position of representing Biocera, the CEO and the founder. The continuous researches and creations that I made are now recognized in more than 40 countries. They are non-detergent Biocera Green Ball, Biocera Atozero Happy Showerheads, Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline water filters & jug pitcher, and more. It seems that if you countlessly make a steady effort, small practices may lead to the light and prove your existence to the world.

Now, back to the topic. Urine is also water: The acidic wastes stuffed in the body are swept away through body fluids, out of the body, excreted through sweat, urine, and feces. When water is scarce, the acidic wastes in the body might lead to various diseases.

When was it? I read an article somewhere saying, drinking urine might improve the immune system. Well. Is it true? It aroused my thirst for curiosity. Unknowingly, to solve the question, my brain was stepping on the accelerator.  

On the first day of the urine project, I went into the bathroom to check my total water emissions. I gathered out the body fluids like a sponge brush. The result was surprising. I have consumed about 1,400 ccs of water through drinking water and eating foods. But 2,400 cc of water is excited, an extra 1,000 cc of water. I was captivated by the thought. Eventually, I got 1,000 ccs more water, and my body still seems to work well, plus I felt somehow thirsty. On the second day, the urine project continued. This time, I took 2,400 ccs of water more than 1,000 ccs of water than yesterday. I have thought to myself, what would happen if I drink a couple of more water? I thought again about what positive response will happen to my body. When I checked my total water discharge, 1,000 ccs more water than yesterday. Wait. Yesterday the total water emission was 1,000 ccs more than total water, and why the second day’s water is less than 500 cc, even when drank 1,000 more than yesterday. Consequently, my body was suffering from dehydration every day.

I wonder how much water I have drunk for 60 years. If my body was suffering dehydration since then, I would like to ask myself, how many times the symptoms of dehydration have been repeated. The weakness of the body and slow of speech might be the reason for dehydration.  

I seem to have turned away my body’s voices. I could not recognize that my body was shouting for water every day. In the meantime, my body kept going drier. If I knew my symptoms a litter earlier, I might have a chance to live a happier life. Starting today, I will try my best to drink at least 3 liters of water every day. Just like a sprinkler, spraying water to the grass, I would moisture my body damp and find happiness by drinking water.

From the beginning, our ancestors drank lots of mineral spring water. It is also a gift of nature that is made by nature's providence and natural filtration. As echoes, I wish I could hear the struggle for dehydration. It seems necessary to abandon the lifestyle of stereotypes that society has been accustomed to and to drink a glass of water to enjoy a healthier day. The Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline water resembles the natural spring water that our ancestors drank from the beginning. But the water pollution is growing, therefore reverse osmosis purification devices are used to filter harmful substances in water. Although reverse osmosis purification systems filter out toxic substances, but also alkaline minerals that are necessary to mankind. Therefore, it is wise to choose Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline water filters to replenish scarce alkaline minerals, help absorption into the body by small water molecules, and helps with ORP, the reduction power of human organic oxidation. Drinking a glass of water every day, to change our lives from the greasy acidic habits. The water allowed the existence of the human race and all living things. Biocera (https://www.biocera.com) hope that all mankind will have a healthier and happier life by drinking water every day.

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