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Not Certified Counterfeit Products May Affect Consumer's Health Risk

24 Jul 2019
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importance of certified product

Water is getting polluted more and more every year. As the subject of water crisis emerges, consumers tend to find water-related products on water treatment products. Products are available to find on popular search engines and online open markets such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and so on. It has become easier as technology advances, consumers are likely to find products which they want. However, consumers should alert that some companies use a false claimed NSF mark or other organization as if their products are certified and approved. Therefore, products with uncertified marks may lead to a serious concern when consumers purchase them.

Many companies use certifications and patents for marketing their products. However, misleading information on product certifications will lead to confusion to the customers. Consumer’s purchasing behaviors follow influential factors like lifestyle, economic situation, occupation, popularity, age, and so on. It is obvious that lots of companies still use false certifications, which caused problems leading to complaints of the customers. Getting trust from the customers is important for companies that sell products, especially healthcare-related and water treatment items. One misleading product may lead to serious matter in the future, causing a domino effect to nearby industries.

After lead contaminated the public water system in Flint, Michigan, access to clean water has become an emerging concern. It is now more important than ever to ensure that your water is free of contaminants and safe for consumption. There is currently no federal requirement that water filters must be certified; however, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that you look for filters with NSF certification. False NSF certification claims must also be taken into account when looking at water filtration systems. Predatory companies may be seeking to mislead customers without going through the necessary steps to acquire proper certification.

The non-profit organization NSF is trusted by both consumers and companies. Its popularity is known all over the world, which triggers the consumer’s purchasing influential factor from buying the products. As a result, there are products which may not be safe both the companies and consumers. Biocera has NSF certification on Biocera Ball, which is tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the material requirements. Biocera strives to guarantee product safety in accordance to meet our customer’s demands.

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