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Fake Products Play With Consumer's Health

26 Jul 2019
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Emerging Concerns Regarding Customer Health

As technology increases, the concern of health issues and environmental pollution rise, becoming endless topics. Among them, counterfeit product, fake goods have become a global issue after environment pollution, because health concerns and complaints from consumers are rising. Fake goods are commonly distributed in various areas such as fashion, automotive, cosmetics, healthcare products and more. Consumers purchase fake items from online platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, also from social network platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Due to the increase in online transactions, online platforms had been an influential reason for the customer’s purchasing behavior on counterfeit foods.

Some Serious Adverse Effects

Counterfeit products are popular among younger than old customers. The cheap prices tempt customers to purchase, however they are known to cause quality deterioration and cause serious health concerns of the customers. The fake goods increased, however numerous customer’s complaint on fake goods also increased. The adverse effects are found commonly in healthcare-related products and cosmetics which grew serious concerns for the health of customers. Some fake cosmetic products were found to have toxic substances contained that caused skin allergies, skin burns, rashes, and more serious problems. Some fake water treatment products contained lead contamination in the public system which became an emerging concern in the United States. The potential harm and risks from fake goods are high, thus consumers also need to be aware of the fake products.

Who to Trust

Biocera Co., Ltd formerly known as Dae-Sung Ceramic Research Institute and established in 1994, emerged into the global market by exporting Biocera Balls, Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline water filters, Biocera Healthcare application products, and bioceramic agents in more than five countries including United States, United Kingdom, Japan, India, and China. Biocera specializes in manufacturing safety certified water-activated Biocera Balls that utilize reverse osmosis to enrich the water with essential minerals and converts the pH level of the water from acidic to alkaline which provides antioxidant properties. Biocera strives to guarantee product safety in accordance to meet our customer's demands.

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