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Higher Kidney Stone Risk Especially in the Summer

2 Aug 2019
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Nowadays, people spend the summer by consuming spicy foods, watch horror movies, or chat with friends sitting in a coffee shop where air conditions are full. In Korea, people spend summer by eating chicken soup called 'samgetang' and eel at 'three dog days'. The 'three dog days' was passed away from Gin and Han Dynasty China, where the loyal members shared meat and nutritious foods to the people from compensating for the lack of appetite in the hot summer. 

Today, we do not eat the same ingredients and seasonings as our ancestor did. We tend to get more delicious foods that contain high cholesterol, high calories, rich in fat, sugar, and salt. The foods that we eat now are rich acidic, not healthy. We drink more soft drinks, alcohol, coffee than drinking a glass of water. Even the doctors suggest to drink plenty of water frequently, especially in the summer, but we forget them easily. 

We drink water, eat healthy food, exercise, and sweat to remove acidic impurities from the body. We do sweat when doing exercises or sweat under the hot sun. And somehow we choose to drink coffee or soft drinks to get hydrated. Sufficient body fluids are needed to excrete calcium build-ups out the body with urine. When the excessive body wastes leftovers remain in the body for a long time due to dehydration, our urine becomes dark and we get high risk on building kidney stones. The kidney stones first start with tiny particles than becomes bigger and bigger, until we suffer pain.  

Irregular eating habits and wrong food choices that we make cause the incidence of kidney stones. Especially in the summer, the number of people who suffer kidney stone increases by 25%. The salt in our acidic foods cause calcium urine and reduces citric acid production in the body. The citric acid like magnesium is effective in inhibiting the formation of kidney stones. Moreover, dietary fibers and potassium prevent from absorbing calcium hydroxide in the gut intestine. 

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