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Are we taking a healthy shower?

16 Aug 2019
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To get rid of the summer heat, they take a shower and eat seasonal fruits. Due to the effects of typhoons and heat waves, humidity and temperature are very high. When you go out, your clothes will get wet and you will have unpleasant smell. In summer, the frequency of showering increases, and we have to pay more attention to our health. Nowadays, it is full of environmental pollution and water issues, and we have to think about whether we are taking a healthy shower.

We shower every time with shampoos and body cleansers that contain synthetic surfactants. To wash off the sweat and dirt on the skin and scalp, we take a shower with plenty of foam. However, these products we use every day contain synthetic surfactants. Synthetic surfactants have serious toxicity and have a low degree of degradability, which greatly affects environmental pollution. Soils are contaminated and may affect water pollution, destroying aquatic ecosystems. In addition, people with sensitive skin can affect atopic dermatitis, so some people find it hard to take a shower in the summer. More importantly, tap water contains chlorine, which also adversely affects dermatitis. Although chlorine in tap water kills bacteria and makes you feel healthier when you take a shower, chlorine actually has an adverse effect on your skin.

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