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Why we should drink rich-oxygenated antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water?

15 Oct 2019
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Oxygen, which is indispensable to the life of all lives, is responsible for converting nutrients into energy in the cells. But how cells adapt to changes in oxygen levels is a mystery. Three hypoxia researchers William G. Kaelin Jr, professor at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard University in Massachusetts; Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, director of clinical research at the Francis Crick Institute, London and director for Target Discovery Institute at the University of Oxford; and Gregg L. Semenza, director of the vascular research program at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland from the United States and Britain were awarded the Nobile Prize in chemistry for their discoveries of ‘how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability’ which answers questions about how the body works and provides new therapeutic potentials to treat cancerous diseases in the future.


The water is a very important substance and essential for all living things. Without water, we cannot exist. We humans have survived through natural spring water which has over pH measurement of 7, neutral pH, and oxygen-rich water. The alkaline in alkaline water refers to the pH concentration in water. The pH measurement has numbers from 0 highly acidic, 7 neutral, and 14 highly alkaline. Acidic water contains high hydrogen ions, but alkaline water contains highly hydroxyl ions concentrations.

The most common symptom of lack of oxygen (hypoxia) is a headache. If you become too stressful, our body uses lots of oxygen to relief it. From time to time, your body may yawn to supply oxygen while you breathe. You might feel dry and weak. The active oxygen levels will increase and damage normal cells which activate oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can cause arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, aging, and even lead to cancer. The cause of increased harmful active oxygen (free radicals) includes smoking, heavy drinking, stress, environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays, radiation, and more. Especially, people nowadays are affected by irregular westernized acidic diets. Intake of high-calorie foods can increase free radical levels. To reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals, the body’s antioxidant capacity must be increased. Antioxidants require natural fruits and vegetables regularly, do exercise, and drink rich oxygenated antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water every day.

Biocera pursuits to the natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water after RO, reverse osmosis purification system with Biocera Balls – developed by Dr. Jeon’s Biocera Crystal Growth Technology which is certified and patented. Biocera Balls are based in Dr. Jeon Hyoung Tag’s sapphire and ruby crystal growth technology developed thirty years ago. The past researchers were made with scientists and researchers from the United States, Russia, and France from 1986-1992. The Biocera Ball’s crystal growth technology was based on ruby and sapphire crystal bodies grown with hydrogen, oxygen gas and high temperatures. The ratio of oxygen and hydrogen gas greatly influences the growth of single crystals. Oxygen affects the outer surface of the single crystal and hydrogen affects the single crystal. If the conditions are not correct, the single crystal will be defective and will not grow properly.

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