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The Uncomfortable Truth about Ceramic Balls for Water Purification

22 Jan 2020
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Commercial water filters use various materials for filtration purposes. Safety and quality issues are very important as the filters are used for mainly drinking water. However, some manufacturers use inexpensive ceramic balls, which can pose a problem for the safety and health of their customers. You may be curious about the truth about ceramic balls.

Heavy metals can be found in the raw materials in the manufacture of inexpensive ceramic balls used by some companies. In recent years, the earth is seriously polluted by air pollution and wastewater pollution caused by modernization. As soil pollution is intensified, the content of harmful substances such as arsenic, lead, and chromium in the soil is increasing. Therefore, when choosing ceramic balls for the water filter material should be carefully considered.

Inexpensive ceramic balls are made of inexpensive raw materials and may contain harmful ingredients. Heavy metals may inevitably elute in the water when low-cost ceramic balls are used, and even after firing at high temperatures. Some ceramic balls could be detected with heavy metal concentration, and their test report could be fixed in order to show they are not harmful. However, the problems will arise when the customers use a water purifier. Water stagnates for a long time in the filter, which can lead to a high content of heavy metals in the water. After all, customers will be drinking harmful substances contained water poisonous aluminum and lead.

Dr. Jeon Hyoung-Tag, the founder of Biocera, has been researching and developing products in the field of ceramic materials for the past 40 years. Working with great scientists, technologists, and water purification companies around the world, he worked tirelessly to solve the problems of improving Biocera Balls and Antioxidant Alkaline water filters. This is why not only famous Korean companies, but also famous water purification companies in the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Asia choose Biocera. It is also the reason why famous international companies insist on the world's best partner, Biocera, to maintain the best quality and stability.

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