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12 Mar 2020
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The World Health Organization (WHO) said the world lacks masks, fire suits, and medical gloves.

The world is suffering from a lack of masks due to the spread of the coronavirus infection. With the world spreading to the virus, demand for masks, considered the only precaution in fear, is soaring. Due to the lack of masks, the public is in a complex position, not having to wear a mask or giving up the mask for the medical staff who take care of sick patients. The price of masks has soared since before, and there have been people hoarding to take advantage of To address the shortage of masks, the company is trying to increase mask production, and as it spreads rapidly, there are hoarding masks and profiteering activities taking place around the world. 

In 2005, there was a virtual pandemic in the MMORPG 'World of Warcraft', the corrupted blood incident which lasted for a week. A bug that was used by the boss in the updated dungeon at the time, 'Corrupted Blood', remained intact to a player's summoner due to a bug. The player who entered a large city without knowing this fact brought out a summoner and quickly became contagious to players in the big city. The biggest problem was that the NPC (Non-Player Character) was not dead on the game system, so it became a super propagator to infect players. Players had to speak to the NPC in order to use the shop or proceed with the quest. The infection spread due to the invincible NPC, and the epidemic spread beyond control to large cities. It should be noted that the players' behavioral patterns. Some players have even avoided out of big cities to avoid the epidemic, while some users have isolated users with the epidemic. Of course, players with malicious intent have attacked other big cities and spread the epidemic, and there are players who benefit from selling fake drugs. The conditions and reactions of the event attracted many experts of how human could react to a real-world epidemic and was published in the medical journal Lancet in 2007.

Source: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Corrupted_Blood_(debuff) 

Roald Amundsen systematically prepared to minimize the risk of big accidents and contingencies when planning the entire journey in the course of conquering the Antarctic. In particular, he even planned to allow other members to march successfully even if he died in an unexpected accident. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amundsen–Scott_South_Pole_Station)

According to Dr. Jeon's note, 'a prepared person carefully observes, thoroughly analyzes the situation and puts it into practice for preparation." (Feb 12, 2020)

Everyday Decision Making

Making a decision is an ability to distinguish the right or wrong of an object or phenomenon. We are faced with multiple choices of choice in a day. Every time, the right decision and the right choice are important, which depends on your judgment. We are in a situation where we constantly have to make choices about how to overcome and implement the problem, even in the face of difficulties. If you have good judgment each time, you can enjoy an efficient and satisfying life with the best choice, but if your judgment is clouded, you will regret and regret not making the right choice.

Good Judgment Brings Many Opportunities

High judgment can speed decision-making, making good use of time. Judgment can reduce mistakes by understanding not only the appearance but also the inner side of the object as an eye for seeing the meaning or nature of things through experience. When judgment is poor, failure is repeated, and opportunities for rational judgment are reduced. For example, a student who has good judgment as a student will be able to live a solid, relaxed and well-rounded life by preparing for the future in advance.

Improve My Judgment?

It takes careful observation to improve judgment. It is important to observe the essence from various perspectives and understand its value without treating things with dryness. Careful observation in many ways can help improve your judgment by allowing you to find the information that follows. By making many indirect experiences that you can't do directly through reading, you can make a Reading is also the easiest way to improve your judgment, and it is also the best way to improve your judgment because you can experience a variety of experiences and various situations. Sometimes, people develop their judgment based on other people's actions or choices. In other words, you can gain experience while looking at others with interest and help them make the right choices through the know-how they have learned. When making a judgment, you can learn how to design the future by obtaining various information and practicing to predict the future and improve your judgment through such activities. Not only does it increase concentration because it tries its best to win through a win, but through many experiences, it is also able to make more accurate and faster. Quick judgment is important, but first of all, careful judgment should be made.

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