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Immunity, Health and Safety ᅵ Wearing a Face Mask to Check One's Breath

24 Mar 2020
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"Do you drink water often? Does your mouth dry often? Do you drink water often because your mouth is dry when eating food?"

Dry mouth is a symptom that the mouth of the mouth decreases due to reduced secretion of saliva. The metabolism of the angiogenic bacteria becomes active, and the bad breath from the by-products also increases. Normally, the amount of saliva per day in a normal adult is about 1 to 1.5 liters, but if it is less than this, the mouth feels dry. Saliva softens food to help digestion and also washes away food residues around your teeth. Saliva also prevents the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity. When the saliva dries, the incidence of gum disease also increases, and the incidence of stomatitis increases.

"In healthy adults, 0.25 ~ 0.35mL of saliva is secreted per minute, and 1.0 ~ 3.0mL is secreted when eating food."

In the prevention and management of stomatitis, it is the recovery of immunity through a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, sufficient rest, and frequent drinking of water. Modern people are exposed to a lot of stress while maintaining extreme tension both physically and mentally. If you don't relieve tension effectively, you become fatigued and easily exposed to the disease. Fatigue is the enemy of health, and stress is the root of all pandemics. Chronic fatigue is a lifestyle-related disease and requires regular exercise and balanced nutrition to resolve this.

"When the water is insufficient, the metabolism is not smooth, and the toxins in the body are not discharged, causing fatigue."

Coronavirus is a growing concern about autoimmunity. As the weather gets looser, the tension caused by the corona is also increasing. Outdoor activities and exercise are also important for health, but it is recommended that you stay indoors whenever possible due to corona. My body care is important, but the health of others is also important. As people all over the world are overcoming with one mind, it is necessary to keep thorough personal hygiene and try to prevent corona 19. For immunity, drink as much water as possible. If you work in a dry environment, you should pay attention to water intake, and it is better to drink a little more often than to drink a lot at once. 

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