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COVID-19 ᅵ Invest on Immunity for the Bright Future

31 Mar 2020
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The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic crisis has caused chaos around the world, creating many infections. Some people refrain from outdoor activities due to anxiety and fear, while others go around spreading the diseases. COVID-19 has completely changed the lifestyle paradigm of the world. People who didn't care about their health are starting to take care of themselves and the perceptions of hygiene are changing. Recently, the director of the World Health Organization (WHO) has addressed to people around the world that everyone should be calm down and solve the crisis together.

Is Corona here to kill us?
COVID-19 has left us with a deep lesson on health issues. By neglecting health care, we saw an increase in infection rates in people with many residual diseases. However, children and senior citizens with weak immune systems also had many infections. It's very sad that Corona is vulnerable to the young generation that will support humanity in the near future. The factors that could lead to cancer in the future, and the people who live today, believe that these things will happen repeatedly. Unless there is a big change, the health-damaging factors will continue to grow. Experts always tell us to take care of our health. We should drink water frequently, eat balanced diets, and take care of ourselves well.

Are we familiar with Corona?
Coronavirus which caused many deaths now does not have a vaccine at present, and we do not know the exact structure of it either. Many experts are collecting data that may be close to the coronavirus vaccine and have been conducting continuous researches. Unlike in the past, technology-advanced computers and artificial intelligence, which may eventually replace human brains, are predicting vast amounts of data and also simulating the results. Recently, it has also introduced coronavirus test kits that can diagnose coronavirus in a fast indoor environment. We wouldn't have looked at the world so hopelessly if we could understand the virus a little faster, and much more.

What should we do in the future?
We must protect our bodies from the upcoming infectious diseases and health hazards. Protecting our own bodies is also important, but we have lived by helping each other in a community, continuing a long history and civilization. We live in this world called Earth, sharing various knowledge and thoughts through complex languages and multiculturalism. There is a need to overcome the difficulties together due to the COVID-19 crisis, and even if there is a quarrel, we should live by yielding to each other. As it is an epidemic situation, we will have to overcome them better and pass on a healthy Earth to the next generation in the near future.

The healthy genes for the next generation.
The bad habits we inadvertently passed on may affect future generations. People who don't drink water often, people who don't exercise, and people who overeat should never pass by. Mild dehydration can strain the body over time, and as a result, the body continues to break. I'm sure you've all heard of the butterfly effect. If we put off our work, we may have consequences that we can't return to after decades if we don't take care of ourselves in time. The Earth will continue to be more polluted, and we may lose more and more opportunities to breathe clean air. You can't feel the consequences right now, but have you thought about what future generations will be like? Do you have anything you want to say to them? Look at the coronavirus situation and think again what you're doing.

Listen, and you'll be able to get through
What are the things to do for your health? Perhaps we have come in a lot since childhood. We know the answer to each other, and we recognize it. But it won't be easy to practice it and manage it continuously. Fresh herbs, alkaline water, healthy lifestyles, optimistic thoughts, and investment to our body for potential future. Think of investing to our future generations. It might be hard today, but the future will be bright tomorrow. Positiveness is power. If you look forward positively, you will overcome the coronavirus crisis.

We stand here, as one, and we will overcome it.

Thank you.

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