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Critical Needs of Clean Water | Lead Contamination

6 Apr 2020
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The coronavirus crisis has caused the world to wash hands to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Many countries are suffering from the coronavirus and many people are dying because of a lack of medical equipment. The World Health Organization(WHO) has called on the world to pay attention, and one of them is cleanliness. We had a duty to use hand sanitizer, so we used to disinfect our hands with alcohol. But there is information that water and soap alone can escape the danger of coronavirus. Like this COVID-19, all coronavirus surfaces have spikes in the form of the protuberance. Spike protein is plugged into a layer of fat called envelopes, where the surfactant of soap destroys part of the fat, preventing the virus from amplifying. Due to water-friendly hydrophilic properties, viruses killed by soap bubbles are easily washed away.

Are Our Water Safe?

Drinking water systems need to be upgraded to provide consistently safe water. Although developed countries have the best water purification systems in the world, not everyone shares the benefits of these systems. Even in developed countries, in some areas of inadequate pipe systems and over-aged pipes cause heavy metal exposure in drinking water. As the interest of the coronavirus emerges, we need to make sure everyone uses safe water.

"14 million children die each year from unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. 80 percent of the diseases in children are related to water. The epidemic coronavirus incident is causing more suffering to children. We, adults, need to take action to provide safe drinking water to prevent them."

Lead in Drinking Water

High levels of detection of heavy metals in all our drinking water pipes can create a risk to our family's health. In many countries, efforts are being made to reduce lead detection in water, but it is not easy to do because it has complex problems. Even in countries with good purification systems, our drinking water continues to be threatened by the process of tap water treatment and aging piping. Indeed, the coronavirus is a threat to our safety, and even drinking water threatens us.

Severe lead poisoning has a serious impact on the health of children as well as adults. Lead poisoning can cause serious mental retardation and behavior problems, and it has a major impact on children's brain development. In particular, with regard to education, it directly affects concentration, educational performance, and IQ, as well as anemia, hypertension, kidney damage, and reproductive system. At high exposure levels, lead can attack the brain and central nervous system, leading to coma, cramps and even death.

Safe Biocera Balls

Some commercial counterfeit products such as ceramic balls are used in the water filter markets. Some cheap ceramic balls which customers purchase may cause quality deterioration and may result in serious health concerns of the customers. The fake goods increased, however, numerous customer’s complaints on fake goods also increased. The adverse effects are found commonly in healthcare-related products and cosmetics which grew serious concerns for the health of customers. Some fake cosmetic products were found to have toxic substances contained that caused skin allergies, skin burns, rashes, and more serious problems. Some fake water treatment products contained lead contamination in the public system which became an emerging concern in the United States. The potential harm and risks from fake goods are high, thus consumers also need to be aware of the unsafe products.

Biocera pursuits to the natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water after RO, reverse osmosis purification system with Biocera Balls – developed by Dr. Jeon’s Biocera Crystal Growth Technology which is certified and patented. Biocera Balls are based in Dr. Jeon Hyoung Tag’s sapphire and ruby crystal growth technology developed thirty years ago. The past researchers were made with scientists and researchers from the United States, Russia, and France from 1986-1992. The Biocera Ball’s crystal growth technology was based on ruby and sapphire crystal bodies grown with hydrogen, oxygen gas and high temperatures. The ratio of oxygen and hydrogen gas greatly influences the growth of single crystals. Oxygen affects the outer surface of the single crystal and hydrogen affects the single crystal. If the conditions are not correct, the single crystal will be defective and will not grow properly.

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