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What if Home Appliances Pose a Danger?

12 Feb 2020
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In modern times, we live a comfortable life surrounded by convenient home appliances. For example, a life so comfortable is threatening our health, but we don't take it seriously. We have to be careful about the home appliances that generate these electromagnetic waves.  We've had easy access to words like visible light, electromagnetic waves, radio waves, ultraviolet rays, etc., but we're going to be unfamiliar with electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves also called electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic waves refer to energy copied by a particular electromagnetic process, and the effect of this radiation depends on a ratio and frequency of vibrations. Periodically changing electric and magnetic fields wave into space.  There were some issues with electromagnetic waves in the Korean media such as the 'Miryang Transmission Tower' and the 'U.S. THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense)'. The media has released serious reports that electromagnetic waves from power towers and THAAD could cause cancer in nearby communities, and experts have also announced that exposure could pose a health threat. Local residents in the neighborhood may have easily seen the picket-carrying protest in the news. 

If you can't feel it, let's take an example a little closer to us. Let's look for things that we use often. We heat and cook food through microwave and use it a lot because it is convenient. However, just like cell phones, microwave ovens can be a health hazard, which can cause tumors and cancer in the brain, which can be easily found on the Internet. 

Does Microwaves Pose Dangers?

The magnetron in the microwave oven is a device that heats food using microwave ovens with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Microwave ovens are convenient and fast to use, but they pose a potential risk to burn or health. Most microwaves are caused by heat-related burns from hot containers and over-heated foods. However, in some cases, microwaves may be exposed to injury caused by electromagnetic radiation leaking through a small gap in the thread. There are studies for children on microwave safety. 285 items, including microwave ovens, are designated as 2B class carcinogens by the World Health Organization's International Cancer Research Center (IARC). [source]

Children's hippocampus and hypothalamus absorb 1.6-3.1 times higher than adults, the cerebellum absorbs 2.5 times, and the bone marrow absorbs 10 times. [source]

  • The hippocampus is involved in learning, memory, and emotion. (Related diseases: Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, etc.)
  • The hypothalamus is associated with the autonomic nervous system and helps maintain thermoregulation. (Related diseases: cranial cells, pituitary adenoma, etc.)
  • The cerebellum is in balance with posture. (Related diseases: brain tumors, cerebral infarction, etc.)
  • Bone marrow is where blood cells are produced. (Related diseases: chronic myeloproliferative diseases, etc.)

Electromagnetic waves are inevitable in home appliances such as electric mats, refrigerators, TVs and water purifiers. However, home appliances manufacturers are working with the Device and Radiation Health Center (CDRH) to set product performance standards and to ensure that electromagnetic waves do not pose harm to public health. A ceramic material called ferrite could be an example that is used in the electric lines, remove noise and block high-frequency radiation, which is common on home appliances. However, home appliances such as electric mats, refrigerators, TVs, and water purifiers that use electricity may emit electromagnetic waves. Therefore, when using home appliances, safety standards must be observed and awareness must be taken to ensure that electromagnetic waves are not exposed to children. 

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