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[WHO] "Over Two Billion People do not have Access to Clean Water"

11 Mar 2020
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The world is keen on coronaviruses. Somehow, the habit of drinking water became less important than wearing a facemask and washing hands to prevent contagious COVID-19.

Drinking water is being polluted by environmental pollution, and we need to thoroughly manage the main drinking water supplies. Many countries are striving to have a good purification system to drink good water. Despite these efforts, the quality of our lives is turning into disaster with the pollutants we inadvertently throw away at home or in industry. There are water issues around the world, and many scientists are also working to resolve them. 

As the main culprit for destroying the natural ecosystem, the products emphasize the convenience of being used frequently. Water is being contaminated with microplastics, bacteria, and viruses. The more our disease develops, the faster the rate at which nature is destroyed. We now are living in an age where drinkable pure water is available. Groundwater too is becoming increasingly polluted and we live with the problems that we have caused by ourselves. 

"Water is an important element for us, an essential and indispensable element. Without water, we can't live for more than a few days."

The tap water we often use is purified in a water treatment facility, depending on the quality of the water, we use a water purifier or drink it as it is. But you can not rest assured. No matter how advanced water treatment facilities are developed, they are not 100% safe from tap water. Of course, it's not comparable to developing countries or low-wage countries. Through the old plumbing and the scale in the pipe, we're still drinking contaminated water. Although we did not intend, we can inadvertently harm our health through drinking water. I think it's safe to eat bottled water, but they can also detect microplastics and circumvent other health problems.

"Thousands of children around the world live in pain because they don't even have water to drink. Children under the age of five do not drink safe drinking water and are vulnerable to drinking contaminated water. Like the Coronavirus, there are many issues on a global scale. One day we will be threatened by a disaster involving water that is bigger than an epidemic. Water not only improves the quality of life but also directly contributes to our health."

Biocera patent solution after ro

Accessible water sources around the world are being polluted due to the substantial rise in population and the emergence of global warming, which can lead to a serious crisis for the world. Reverse osmosis water purification systems can be used to purify polluted water into a drinkable state by removing hazardous bacteria, germs viruses present in the water. However, this treatment eliminates minerals and turns the pH balance of the water acidic. Ingesting acidic water can be harmful to the person’s health as it disrupts the pH balance of the body. Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline water filters can solve this problem by supplying minerals in the water and increasing the pH balance.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), good water improves our health by removing 80% of impurities from our body.

Biocera mineral crystals inside Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline water filters create the acidic, demineralized water content into pH balanced longevity spring water, generates the living-giving water with auto-therapy, increased oxygen concentration, far-infrared radiation, abundant antioxidant hydrogen concentration, and more. The water passed through Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline water filters resemble the longevity miracle spring water in Tibet, China, and Lourdes in France. Biocera pursues the ideal momentum of producing healthy longevity spring-like water to our worldwide customers.

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