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Broken Immune System is Difficult to Repair

18 Mar 2020
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The recent coronavirus epidemic has caused anxiety and anxiety around the world. As the epidemic continues for a long time, the issue of immunity is increasing.
The immune system is responsible for defending the body from external intrusions such as viruses and bacteria, cleaning up the body's debris, and recovering the damaged body's organs. If your immune system becomes weak, your body's balance breaks and your infection becomes less responsive. Living in this generation, we are suffering from degenerative diseases and adult diseases that weaken our immune system.

Broken immune systems are hard to recover. Dr. Jeon said that treating diseases is important, but finding the root cause is more important. That is, we need to balance our bodies fundamentally through lifestyle, through food, through the water. In Oriental medicine, which Dr. Jeon always claims, like food and food written by Jeon Soon-sun's forefather, and Donguibogam written by Heo Jun, water and food are important for the optimal health of the human body. Because of this, disease-induced bodily organ damage causes a vicious cycle in which immunity is reduced. In order to enhance the immune system, as Dr. Jeon said, you should develop a good lifestyle and drink water frequently. Sufficient sleep and rest are also important, and regular exercise is also important. However, you should not go out due to the coronavirus issue, and even if you are indoors, you should take water instead of coffee or soda. It is important to take a balanced diet, and it is important to keep your intestines healthy by chewing the food so that your immune system doesn't degrade.

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