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What is Biocera?

Since its foundation in 1994, our company has been leading the alkaline water market by developing functional bioceramic materials. As the quality of life increases and interest in the environment, we are professionally developing and producing eco-friendly water care products such as alkaline filters, detergent-free laundry balls, hydrogen-alkaline reduced water bottles, and crystal balls for modern people, contributing to the healthy daily lives of mankind. Even now, we are focusing on the characteristics and advantages of high-tech ceramic materials in the biofield, creating a new water culture trend while thinking about how to integrate them into human health.

What is Biocera's management philosophy and founding philosophy?

“We will continue to strive for the happiness and health of humanity around the world.” The background of our company's foundation was literally created for the health and happiness of both our company and our customers. The founder, CEO of the Department of Engineering, majoring in inorganic materials, has consistently walked one way in the position of a researcher. Focusing on the fact that clean and healthy water is the most important basic of human life, we are striving to develop materials and technologies for health with advanced materials. We are pioneering various fields such as buyer material business, eco-friendly business, and well-being water business with our technology.

Please introduce the current status and achievements of Biocera.

Biocera's technology is a global company that is needed not only in the domestic market, but also in more than 30 countries around the world, such as India, the United States, and Europe. In particular, the antioxidant alkali mineral filter is a proud product that has a greater demand from abroad. In Korea, famous ceramic water purifier brands contain bioceramic mineral ceramic balls. Since the establishment of the corporation, various achievements have been achieved. In addition to receiving the Presidential Award for the New Intellectual Technology Award, it was also certified as INNOBIZ as a small and medium-sized business innovation technology company. As a global export company, I will boldly forecast the development of a KOSDAQ listed company in 10 years.

What are the talents that Biocera pursues?

I prefer people with personality rather than education or experience. You need to have the affinity to go with an existing organization and the passion and willingness to perform a given task. And we need talented people with dreams. 10 years later, I think that the person who envisions and strives for the future can make the future of the company together. We are not just a company that wants to increase revenue or size. It's a company that solidifies its heart and realizes its value. We are waiting for talented people who can achieve the common goal of creating a healthy life for the environment and humanity with pride.

What departments does Biocera consist of? Please introduce yourself.

Since our company is a global company, it is divided into a sales department in charge of domestic and overseas sales, a public relations team in charge of product promotion and distribution network, a technical research institute in charge of research and development of new products, and a production team in charge of production. I have been working for 5 years as the manager of the management department, which is in charge of office management, such as company management, taxation, and accounting. I am in charge of my company's livelihood. We chose Biocera to grow together by seeing the vision of the biofield that meets the well-being era with a long history of management experience and experience.

What is Biocera's working environment?

In 2011, a new office was built around the Pangyo Station in Seongnam, where it was relocated. Previously, it was located in Yatap-dong, making accessibility vulnerable, but now it has created a comfortable environment for employees and customers to visit. With the relocation of the office building, the scale and facilities have improved, improving the overall working environment. Since the total number of employees is 17, it is a small family atmosphere. Since there is no overtime work, I concentrate on my work. Thanks to this, the work of the knife commute and the Warravel culture we talk about today are in place.

What is the CEO of Biocera seeking as a leader of the company?

Since the CEO is a doctor of engineering, I tend to attend overseas seminars related to water and ceramics in related fields. You are constantly studying to develop your company. He has also served as a professor and has a strong research inclination, so employees are imitating that constant will and exploring passion. He always emphasizes not to sell products but to promote the value of Biocera. Pursuing profits will be the essence of the company, but we have a mission to deliver value, not to sell products as a bio worker who manages the healthy life of mankind.

I am curious about the family-friendly atmosphere and culture of Biocera.

Workshops are held regularly twice a year. In particular, in 2016, we attended overseas workshops in commemoration of the excellent performance of the previous year. In the future, we are making a promise that everyone should go abroad to play more often. And there is a unique gathering called 'Happy Day'. On the last Friday of every month, I start the Chimac Party from 4 PM and leave work an hour earlier. Also, in order to build up knowledge, every business-related book is purchased and read every Wednesday to hold a reading fair. Of course, the company will support the purchase cost of books. We have flexible meetings depending on the workload.

How is the Biocera recruitment process going?

Those who pass the document interview will receive a notification of acceptance through the first department head interview and the second executive interview. Each department has a different career or history. In the case of research institutes, it is advantageous for majors in the department of chemistry, inorganic materials, and bio, and in sales departments, the relationship is smooth and friendly, and I feel confident that I can appeal to products. Any department should have a passionate, honest, and sincere character. Although more experienced workers with related industry experience are preferred, new recruits by the department are also actively recruited.

What role do you play in Biocera? Please introduce yourself.

Biocera is the first company in China to study business administration and join the company for the first time. I have been working in the overseas sales department for the first year. At the time of my first employment, I looked around at various companies and considered transportation related to the environment and work-related overseas. The environment located 30 minutes away by bus from Jamsil and the overseas sales department facing overseas were the perfect conditions for me. The main task is to contact overseas customers by phone and e-mail every day and to guide buyers at overseas fairs. It suits my aptitude and seems to have fun.

Is there any small happiness outside of work at Biocera?

Of all the employees, women have a low gender ratio. There are four people, including me, but they are all in their 20s. The departments are different, but we eat and eat, and we chat and have fun. Of course, the entire staff is also working together and working in a friendly way. Every morning, I shout out the slogan “Laugh, laugh, fighting!” and start the day. Happy Day is a Chimac Party once a month, small happiness that everyone enjoys together. There are a lot of dads in the company, so I enjoy lunch rather than dinner, and everyone returns to work when I leave work.

Please tell me about any anecdotes that impressed you while working for Biocera's overseas sales team.

Due to the nature of export companies, they often participate in exhibitions and fairs held overseas. It was my first time participating in a large exhibition in China for the first time two months after joining. Although I am a newcomer to society and have not yet grasped the company, I have been burdened and strained to introduce Korean companies and products to overseas buyers. However, the vice-president gave me a reply in Korean, and I interpreted in Chinese. After repeating the process, I now fully understand the company as well as the products. I became very close to the vice president. No questions, no suggestions, no complaints.

As a sales team, are there any performance rewards or performance stress?

In fact, I think the sales department has the biggest responsibility in the company. This is because no matter how good technology is, sales must be smooth so that we can make our technology public. So I am always committed to doing well on my own. This does not stress the company. If buyers are interested in our products, we will guide them from ordering to shipment as a whole, and if there is a problem, we will solve the problem and improve the technical part through collaboration with the institute. Currently, my company's new clients are managed by me, and I am trying to close deals personally. At the end of the year, there are rewards based on performance, but I want to do better in the future and receive rewards.

Please say a word to your juniors who will be with Biocera in the future.

If you are a junior looking for work and life balance environment, I would highly recommend our company. Also, it can be an opportunity for juniors who are interested in foreign business trade practices to build a career. Seniors also teach me one to ten things related to work. For the first 3 months, we will stick to the side and conduct close education. At first, please accept the mistakes generously and provide a solution. But you shouldn't keep making mistakes, so you should try yourself, right? Satisfaction is high as my first job. Basically, English is essential, and if possible, it would be advantageous to be in three languages.

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