Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead

Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead enables us to have healthy skin by preventing aging and giving moisturizing effects. Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead is good for all ages, especially for those who suffer from skin troubles and help them maintain smooth, flawless skin. Not only that, Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead is good for preventing hair loss and damage. Again, Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead is an eco-friendly product that saves water and the environment. 

The Story of Dr. Jeon's 

Secret Crystal Growth

Biocera Balls are created in the 1980s with top-secret crystal growth technology using rubies, sapphires, and corundum. The process of manufacturing Biocera Balls too careful selection from raw materials and minerals that do not contain heavy metals. After ...

Features and benefits

  • Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead changes tap water into clean soft water by softening function of filters in the showerhead.
  • Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead filter removes chlorine in tap water.
  • Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead removes floating matter such as rust and foreign substance in tap water.
  • Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead removes harmful bacteria.
  • Anyone can easily set up Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead at home, with its international size.
  • Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead can save more water than a general showerhead and is not easily broken.
  • Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead is an eco-friendly product.

Happy Showers For Bright, Healthy And Enthusiastic Day

After a pleasant sleep, one starts their day with a shower that keeps them refreshed and regenerated. Those who suffer from stiff necks or body aches love to use shower heads that send pressurized water pulses to soothe the pain and make them feel better. The Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead is one of our most prized products which has numerous benefits to its credit. This product belongs to the category of therapy showerheads that contain chlorine so that one experiences a healthy shower with no harmful chemical contamination. We at Biocera have named our water filter showerhead Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead as complies with international standards and is befitted with chlorine removing bioceramic and complex far-infrared ceramic materials. The showerhead softeners help to detoxify the water, thereby nourishing and hydrating the skin at the same. Our filtered shower heads also prevent premature aging and is ideal for both kids and adults. Another important aspect, when one uses our therapy shower filter and rinses their hair with the treated water, dandruff, hair loss, and other vulnerable problems have reduced to a great extent. Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead Plus is durable, easily cleanable and anti-bacterial. We have priced these at nominal rates so that anyone can benefit out of this Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead. Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead is developed with the highest quality. As one knows using a shower head reduces water consumption and our product is thus very eco-friendly.

The Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead is a dechlorinating shower head that uses bioceramic balls to remove chlorine and other contaminants from your shower water. Chlorine exists in the public water supply to destroy dangerous pathogens. However, while chlorine sterilizes our water, it also comes with some unwanted side effects. When we shower in chlorinated water, we absorb the chlorine through our skin and also through inhalation. Our skin is a wonderful filter, but certain particles are small enough to slip through, and an amount of chlorine will be absorbed into the body as we bathe. Our skin is constantly protecting us from environmental damage, which is bound to take its toll over the course of time. In this manner, our skin and hair will suffer the effects of chlorine exposure. Chlorine is known to dry out the skin and hair by stripping away the naturally occurring sebum that keeps our skin and hair supple. People with sensitive skin and allergies often find that chlorinated water makes their conditions worse. There is also a concern when bathing young children in chlorinated water. Most of us don’t think about the effects of the chlorine in our water, as it’s all we've ever known. When we are limit our exposure to chemicals when choosing toiletries, it makes sense to consider the water we use too. The showerhead is easy to fit, it simply screws on and is just as easy to remove. You could even take it away on holiday with you without it being an inconvenience.

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