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Clean eco-friendly laundry only with Biocera Green Ball without chemical detergent.

Biocera Green Ball was developed by Dr.JEON in the 1990s to heal a young daughter suffering from atopy.

Atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, has been on the rise in recent decades. The causes of atopic dermatitis are still unclear, but the genetic factors and environmental factors may explain the rise in new cases every year. In our daily life, we frequently come into contact with harsh chemicals and pollutants that worsen the symptoms of eczema. It is vital to lessen or eliminate interactions with such irritants by finding alternatives to products that damage our skin.

Biocera Ensures the Safety and Best Quality of products. 

Biocera Balls are Tested and Certified by NSF International component against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only.

The Brand Story ‘Antioxidant Alkaline Biocera’  

The world first antioxidant hydrogen reduced alkaline ion water producing reduced Jug as a brand name of 'Antioxidant Alkaline Biocera' to overseas market by co-development with ...

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Features of Original Biocera Green Ball +


- Designed with round shape in order to minimize the damage of laundry, Original Biocera Green Ball is very hygienic through the influence of its excellent antibacterial effect (eliminate bacteria and mold, etc.) to the inner of washer capacity and laundry as well as increase the cleaning effect of water.

- Biocera Green Ball enables one to clean clothes and laundry without any detergents by lowering surface or interfacial tension.

- Rubbing effect of water and laundry increases the cleaning and deodorizing power by activated water through the influence of the wavelength energy of far infrared rays and etc.

- Compared with the normal washing process, we can obtain the following effects by reducing the use of synthetic detergent: water-saving, energy-saving and time-saving and etc. So this is very economical and environmental. In addition, this is helpful to prevent the damage of clothes and skin irritations can be shown by remaining detergent in clothes.

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Biocera Washing Ball
Other Copy Products
Origin (Developed Year)
1997Just Copied
Original Patent for Manufacturing Biocera BallYesNo (Only Utility Model)
Biocera Ball & Housing Strength
-Certificate / Toxic Safety
NSF component (Biocera Ball)
(Melted with ceramic powder)

Case Material - I
- Laundry risk
- Noise Risk
- Child Safety Risk
Case Material - II
- Recycling
- Non-Toxic
- Eco-Friendly
Normal Plastic

Water Circulation
- Hole Size of Case
- Biocera Ball contact to laundry water
Floating FunctionYes?

Everything Started with the Love of the Family

The research that started with Dr. Jeon daughter's atopic dermatitis then came into a bioceramic company. Dr. Jeon's passion and love were recognized as one of the world's top healthcare professionals. Even now, Dr. Jeon hopes everyone who suffered atopic dermatitis soon become well, just as his daughter did.  

Some people have worries during the spring because they suffer from allergies that cause coughs, blisters, itches, sneezing, and redness. Moreover, the numbers are increasing. Some foods, chemical detergents, and dust lead to asthma and atopy causing pain in their ordinary life. What is the reason?

My first child turned thirty in 2017. I have been watching her since she was a child. She had a painful childhood, suffered atopy allergy. It was painful to watch her itching and crying. Even flowers and dust caused coughs and redness. She had blisters from her neck to her thigh, which bled and bled. Blood stains covered her entire bed. I tried tying her wrist to stop her from scratching the blisters; however, she loosened the tie and kept scratching anyway. As a father, it was a pain to listen to scratches as she itched, itched, and itched. My wife tried hard as well, taking our daughter to the hospital and giving her the best medical treatment that we could afford. However, the condition became worse, the blisters and itches spread out all over her body.

One day, I saw my daughter playing with a plastic ball, which gave me the inspiration to create a product that helps children with skin diseases. Biocera Green ball is a product with no chemical detergent, which is the cause of asthma and atopy. It was Dr. Jeon’s first masterpiece and made a start for Daesung Ceramic Research Center (former name of Biocera Co., Ltd) in 1997. Green ball has functions of a surfactant-like detergent, breaks water into small clusters, and has the antibacterial function with bleaching action. The research of making green ball began in 1995. It took lots of effort and failure for two years to develop the final product in 1997. Most of the experiments were about how to apply the raw materials inside the washing machine. Some experiment with prototypes had problems with ceramic balls running all over the washing machine, leading to machine breakdowns. Sometimes it would cause clothes to tear. There were twists and turns, but all started from a father’s love. When I reduced the number of chemical detergents and medication, my daughter’s atopy allergy started to go away, and the sound of scratches faded.

Dr. Jeon Hyoung Tag

(Biocera Founder & CEO)

Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis

Redness, irritation, itchiness, blisters, and dry skin are all symptoms of atopic dermatitis. While mainly starting at a young age, the condition can be long-lasting and very painful. Scratching affected areas may increase the risk of infection. Irritants present in modern-day products, such as laundry detergents, worsen symptoms and often can be very dangerous. Other common irritants include dust mites. While also being known to trigger asthma and rhinitis, dust mites can also exacerbate the symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis. As dust mites feed on dead skin cells, it is important to clean your clothes and surroundings regularly.

Biocera Green Ball, Non-detergent Laundry Ball 

Managing your skin and environment are the first steps in treating atopic dermatitis. It is crucial to avoid irritating your skin while limiting contact with harsh chemicals and dust mites. Keeping the things that come into contact with your skin clean and chemical-free is now easy. Biocera Green Ball is a detergent-free alternative that keeps clothes clean while using none of the harmful chemicals present in laundry detergents. Developed specifically to help those with atopic dermatitis and similar conditions, Biocera Green Ball can drastically improve the lives of those affected or who wish to avoid developing the condition.

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