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News and Notice

Dr. Jeon Presents "Quantum Dot Application Effects of Bioceramic Balls"

30 Nov 2022
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Dr. Jeon will be presenting at the 44th Journal of Applied Subtle Energy's academic conference starts on December 8th, 2022. He will be presenting on "Quantum Dot Application Effect of Bioceramic Balls."

44th Journal of Applied Subtle Energy Academic Conferences and General Meetings

▷Subject: The Era of Energy Transformation

▷Date: December 8th, 2022 [KST 13:30 ~ 17:15]

▷Location: Chungbuk National University, Life and Environmental Sciences, Conference Room, Cheongju-si, Korea


Opening Session 1 (KST 13:30 ~ 15:30) 

Session chair: Current Dean of Chungbuk National University, Chung-Soo, Han

1. Plasma Energy Boiler [KST 13:30 ~ 14:10] 

Speaker: Professor Tae-Hwan, Kang  at the Kongju National University

2.  Quantum Dot Application Effect of Bioceramic Balls [KST 14:10 ~ 14:50] 

Speaker: Dr. JEON Hyoung-Tag from Biocera Co., Ltd 

3. Far-Infrared Research and Prospects  [KST 14:50 ~ 15:30] 

Speaker: Dr. Kim Jae-Gi, Far Infrared Association

Coffee Break [KST 15~30 ~ 15:50]

Session 2 [KST 15:50 ~ 17:10] 

Session chair: Professor In-Sub, Shim at the Kyung Hee University

4. What is Weak Energy? [KST 15:50 ~ 16:30]

Speaker: Choi Yoon-Suk at the Meditation Illumination Garden

5. Clinical Study on Sleep Research [KST 16:30 ~ 17:10]

Speaker: Professor and World Doctor, Ye Min-Sook, School of Medicine, Kyung Hee University

Closing Remarks [KST 17:10 ~ 17:15] 

President Kim Gil-Ho 

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