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Biocera on INNOBIS Magazine Interview in October 2018

25 Jun 2019
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Q. Biocera can easily be guessed that its main business is bioceramics. Please tell us about the products that are commercialized.

A. Anyone who has done the housework would have heard of or tried the 'laundry ball'. It is a product that reduces the use of detergent in the washing machine and increases the washing effect. In the mid-1990s, the first non-detergent laundry ball was made by Baiosera. It mainly produces hydrogen antioxidant, alkali filter and bioceramic ball for water purifier, food, bottled water, agriculture and livestock, and is used for construction interior materials, textile, hygiene, paint, bedding, home appliances, bidet, plastic container, tumbler, stationery We are making negative ion and far infrared energy and antibacterial materials that are applied to all kinds of products. You can see it as a company specializing in the research and development of environmentally friendly bioceramic raw materials related to water, air, and bacteria.

Q. You seemed to have some special affection for bioceramic products. Are there reasons for them?

A. As a child, I dreamed of a space scientist. So I decided to major in university as 'inorganic material engineering'. At that time, I met ceramic as the first material. It is not well known that ceramics serve to protect the hull from hot heat when the spacecraft re-enters the atmosphere. However, not only that but also the charm overflow. Ceramics is almost everything on earth except metal and plastic. It covers soil, glass, cement, semiconductors, and resistors. Since the mid-1980s, he has been studying various ceramics raw materials, combination, molding method and firing process in the Advanced Ceramics Specialist Company under the research institute of the Institute of Ceramics and Ceramics Technology. In particular, I had the opportunity to interact with scientists.

Q. So, when did you consider opening a business?

A. When I was in my 40s in college, I became self-reliant when I was self-reliant. But the business opportunity came sooner than I thought. The instrument was a coincidence. In the mid-thirties, in the spring of 1990, I discovered the phrase "how to be happy" in the morning newspaper diary and thought about how to realize the importance of mind control and self-reflection and how to think about others. At the time of the Institute of Ceramics Technology, I had the chance to do research on water purification antibacterial balls in Japan and I became more interested in health issues. At that time my young daughter suffered from atopy. I wanted to do something useful as a father. The Daesung Ceramic Research Institute was established in March 1994, and the laundry ball was first introduced to the world after twists and turns, applying purified water bioceramics, the first product developed for children's play rattles.

Q. Could you tell us more about the export in Japan, Germany, UK, India, Poland, China, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Mexico.

A. Interest in non-detergent laundry balls developed for the first time in the world was hot in many countries. It was when there was a lot of concern about the washing power of the detergent and the environmental impact. Ten years after the development of the laundry ball, in the mid-2000s, especially in Germany, our laundry ball was introduced as a home shopping, and it became a great hit in Hong Kong and the United States. However, the alkali filter of Biosera, the flagship product, did not immediately lead to export.

Q. How did you pioneer the market?

A. It is easy to think that selling is natural when reading trend, and the product is good. When it fails, I wait for the reason that I do not have enough publicity. But the essence is different. It is important to understand or make the bottom line. I myself have been to many exhibitions and fairs since the late 1990s in the world to get a better understanding of trends. The fact that I learned not long ago was that more people came to the seminar room than the exhibition hall abroad. The interest in new trends is expressed by the desire for the background, not just a few of the unique ideas. I thought then. 'We need to inform the Biocera principle that we want to resemble nature rather than inform our products. Let's have a lecture at a water industry exhibition all over the world.' Biocera alkaline and mineral-based lectures began in the mid-2000s, resembling the principles of nature. The response was good, but I had a bigger income. When I attended all the exhibition fairs all over the world related to the water, medical and health industries I was in, I became aware of which countries were more interested and had repercussions. Now again, the order of the countries hosting the big exhibition exposures almost coincides with the route of export expansion.

Q. It seems to be a great help to small and medium enterprises dreaming to advance overseas. When I heard it, I wondered about the principle of ceramic balls.

A. Let's take an example of a water-based ceramic ball. Biocera water purifying ball is highly resistant to fire and heat, and has semiconductive, piezoelectric, ionic and antibacterial functions and stabilizes unstable properties. If you can easily compare water-based ceramic balls, you can say that soil, rocks, and sand meet the acid rain that permeates the ground and become groundwater. Water is transformed into a 'good water' with a high content of minerals, energy, redox, hydrogen, and alkali as it meets with ceramic components. However, water purifiers that purify polluted water use reverse osmosis, and some products are electrolyzed. It's just pure water with no nutrients. Ceramic ball serves to add alkali, minerals, antioxidants, and ions to pure acid water. In addition to the artificial water purification method, we use natural Biocera filtration principle.

Q. Please tell us about the goals and dreams that Biocera wants to achieve in the future.

A. In recent years, photocatalysts for the air purification and negative ion and far-infrared ray materials business fields have been steadily growing steadily. Thanks to our outreach, we see that many companies are emerging in the pioneered business area, which is both borders and a prosperous one. As an advanced person, I want to walk while leaving the right footprint. I want to resemble nature because the business of Biocera does not violate nature and uses the principle of nature. Since the analogy, mankind is a continuation of the process for survival. Water and air are also the basis here. We want to resemble the principle of nature that water and water that is polluted by the desires of our humans and the air that breathes back into life.

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