Research and Development

Clean Earth and Clean Water with Biocera

Since its establishment in 1994, Biocera Co., Ltd. has been proud of our technologies on functional ceramics in air, water, and microorganism. Biocera pursues to provide the best healthy water-related products to meet our customer's needs.

Only Environment-Friendly

Biocera has a long history of more than 20 years and has been recognized as an eco-friendly company through numerous domestic and international exhibitions and Dr. Jeon's Alkaline Water Seminar.

Excellent Certifications 

Biocera has certifications in ISO 9001, excellent venture & innovice company certificate, component material specialist, FDA safety certification, far infrared and anion test certificate, KFIR, functional ceramic composition, and optical semiconductor composite ceramics.

Through Long Research and Development

Biocera is capable of manufacturing bioceramic antibacterial, far infrared, and photocatalyst coating agents; water activated ceramic balls and its application products for antioxidant hydrogen alkaline water filtration apparatus purposes. Biocera strives for the health and happiness of our customers through competitive research on bioceramics, technology transfer, and joint investments.

Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Mineral Water

Biocera focuses on research and development on clean water, alkaline minerals, and functional water through its core water treatment technology.

Air Purification

In order to create a comfortable and environmental-friendly residential environment, Biocera is engaged in various fields such as construction bioceramic coating agents and VOC reducing photocatalytic agents. Biocera antimicrobial agents are only FDA certified in Korea.


To protect consumer's happiness and environment, Biocera focuses on researches and manufactures skin related products that help relieve stress and fatigue.