Research Personnel


R&D Advisor

Language: Korean, English


  • Current) Biocera Advisory Committee Member
  • Former) LG Electronics Quality Center Professional, Washing Machine Reliability Team Leader
  • Former) LG Magna E-Powertrain Professional


  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Yonsei University

Main Research Achievements

1986 ~ 1995

  • LG Electronics development of fully automatic washing machines, local production of clutch, and parts inspection

      management, Quality management of washing machines

1996 ~ 2014

  • LG Electronics' reliability assurance system

  • Development of component reliability test methods: washing machine, dishwasher, monitor components, etc.

  • Developed reliability test method for LG Group companies (LGD, LGIT)

  • Test method for each failure mode, LED luminance deterioration acceleration test method

  • Establishment of reliability test standards for important components

  • Many air conditioner parts, mobile phone touch panels, battery heaters

  • Small sample reliability assurance test method applying Miner theory, development of limit evaluation methodology, etc.

2015 ~ 2021

  • Automobile parts reliability assurance activities such as Tesla and GM (Batteries, inverters, motors, lamps, etc.)

  • Development of reliability assurance test establishment procedures, Major component assurance test, and life analysis


  • BIOCERA A.A. Filters process capability analysis systemization

  • Establishment of an early determination program for degradation test

Main Research Areas

  • Establishment of a reliability assurance system
  • Development of reliability test methods(Accelerated life testing, Accelerated degradation testing, High accelerated life test)
  • Reliability data analysis, SPC(Statistical Process Quality Control), FMEA(Failure Mode Effect Analysis)

Future Research Areas

  • Establishment of AO ceramic ball process management system
  • Filter configuration ceramic ball optimization design through performance driver effect analysis


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