Biocera Green Ball User Testimonials

Vicky C. Good for coin laundry

I don’t have my own washer in my house so I go to the coin laundry store every week. I was concerned about the public washer since they are not in good care. However, after I change to Biocera Green Ball, I feel better since there’s no detergent leftover in my clothes and it’s very handy to carry.

Crystal. I’m quite satisfied with this product

I was surprised that there are so many kinds of laundry balls. I have already heard the effectiveness of this product from my friends and family. I bought this product here at a better price and it cleans the clothing quite well. I am not worried about the remains of detergent. I used to rinse the clothing one more time after wash. Since I used this Biocera Green Ball, I am not doing it anymore. It saves water, too!

Mike K. Awesome!

The best thing is I don’t need detergent anymore. Before I used Biocera Green Ball, the clothes that remained detergent was the biggest problem for me. However, not anymore!!!

Ji H. The best way to save nature

Laundry is one of the major water contamination matters. I am happy with this Biocera Green Ball because I don’t have to feel guilty anymore whenever I do the laundry. Satisfied and buy this more for my friends.

Stella J. I love Biocera Green Ball

I have been using those Biocera Green Balls and I had no problem with them. First of all, I do not buy detergent since then. I got used to smelling of detergent which made me think it is impossible to wash clothes without detergent. My husband works out every day and I have loads of laundry without heavy dirt. They work very well even for white T-shirts. I am spraying sport remover on some dirty spots and wash clothes with Biocera Green Balls. I feel the performance of those balls works well as that of detergent does.

It is okay to wash only with Biocera Green Balls. To some people who get used to the smell of detergent-like me, I would recommend that you could use fabric softener with those balls which makes them softer and fresher. After wash, I put them in the dryer and clothes and towels become softer. Enjoy the money you do not spend on the laundry detergent and feel free from the ecological contamination for our children.

Hannah L. Biocera Green Ball Review

I’ve been really pleased with their performance. I am using those only when I wash clothes and towels with little dirt and stain. When I wash heavy dirty clothes I am using those with 1/5 amount of detergent I used to use. I find those amazing because my daughter has been suffering from itchy skin and I expect the remains of detergent will be disappearing soon as I wash the clothes without detergent.

Esther C.

My kids have been doing all their laundry since we got these Biocera Green Balls. They are convenient and money-saving, but most of all, it’s good to know that they are good for our skin!

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